Sunday, November 02, 2008

Three Little Words.

One of the disciplines that Miss Jehu taught me in Llanfair Caereinion School was the ability to condense a huge complex drama into as few words as possible. Three words must always be the target. Probably the best and most used example is "I love you".

A compulsive gambler and his wife arrived at their holiday destination to find two complementary dollar chips in their room, which were to be used at a casino attached to their hotel. She said NO - unless he promised not to gamble a cent of their holiday money. He promised and strolled down to the casino while she took a bath. He staked his two dollars - and won two dollars. So he staked four dollars - and won four dollars. And he carried on with the most amazing winning streak, doubling his money over and over again, until he had half a million dollars. He decided that he would have just one more bet before returning to his room to celebrate, and decided to stake the lot. He lost. When he returned to his room she asked him how he'd got on. He replied "Lost two dollars"

A few minutes ago Mrs D asked me who had won the World Formula One Championship. I replied "Lewis Hamilton won".


Anonymous said...

well put glyn. it was unbelievably exciting and i thought hamilton had lost it

Anonymous said...

how much dosh did gloch get for letting Hamilton pass