Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vision of a Tory Wales

We all have our favourite quotations. "I have a dream" is one of mine - combining vision with hope. It was spoken by ex-Plaid Cymru AM, Brian Hancock talking about Wales' canal network in the old Assembly Chamber, four years ago. None of us who were there can ever forget.

I have a dream too. I dream about the Tories replacing Labour as the governing party in Wales. My country being governed by a genuinely, deeply Welsh party of the Centre/Right. It's no surprise I enjoyed today's political TV.

First, The Politics Show. All about Rhodri Morgan losing power next May, after falling behind even what Alun Michael acheived. Then it was Plaid's turn. Jill Evans was running up the unilateralist flag. As it happens I have some sympathy with the view that Gordon Brown's committment to Trident + is more to do with politics than strategic defence. And then it was over to Manifesto on S4/C - where the Tories were talking about stregthening legislative support for the Welsh Language. Tory AMs falling over each other to speak in the language of heaven - and David Melding is learning as well!

Let Plaid Cymru talk to the birds about nuclear weapons, while Labour falls apart. We'll talk about how we stregthen Welsh 'nationhood' and what makes Wales a distinct and proud nation. Lets see what the voters of Wales think of this. And I've always been hugely enthusiastic about the restoration of the Montgomeryshire Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal as well. Dreams unify body, mind and spirit - and always have some link with reality.

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