Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rhodri's Joke too far

What a hoohah about a pathetic old joke. Who else but Rhodri could turn such a worn out gag into a front page story in the Western Mail. The only minor consolation is that it was reported that Peter Hain and Tony Blair were embarrassed.

First time I heard the gag, it was from the lips of Lord Emlyn Hooson, when he first stood for election to the House of Commons around 40 years ago. Emlyn claimed to have visited a lifelong Liberal supporter who switched to the Conservatives on her deathbed, because she preferred the Tories to lose a supporter than her beloved Liberal Party.

But we don't have to worry too much about Ian Paisley's sensibilities - even if the joke was tasteless. I heard yesterday what the future First Minister of Northern Ireland has to say in response is to the mention of Peter Hain's name. Apparently Hain has acheived unity accross all parties in Northern Ireland for the first time ever, though a common loathing of the Secretary of State himself. It seems he refers to Peter as the 'Orange Man'. Now that is a modern and rather good joke.


Anonymous said...

Paisley is a better judge of politicians than we thought

Anonymous said...

Glyn if you want a laugh go to utube to look at the Labour Party's party political broadcast. It is completely negative without one positive reason for voting Labour. It really shows a party that has sadly lost its way and has nothing to say to the electorate. No wonder the recent BBC poll shows that most people will not bother to vote on May 3rd. The key question that Labour bloggers such as Leighton Andrews should be asking is if Rhodri is such a major asset then why is he recognised by only 43% out of 1000 adults questioned. The fact that only 6% recognise Nick Bourne also blows a complete hole in labour's strategy of frightening the voters.What ever happened to positive campaigning and the idea that the assembly would some how be different?

Anonymous said...

Paisley used to be a minister in Llanelli before he saw the light.

Glyn Davies AM said...

The level of Labour negetivity is proportional to its desperation. But it will be a tradgedy for Welsh politics if Labour is propped up in office by either the Lib Dems or Plaid Cymru. I don't need to look at utube because Labour demonstates its negetivity in the Assembly every week