Saturday, February 03, 2007

Johnny Stars and Bird Flu Arrives

Two dominating issues today. Firstly, we Welsh have to face the reality that Johnny Wilkinson is a true sporting hero. Watched the game and just wished he was Welsh - while taking nothing away from the dependable Stephen Jones. Bearing in mind what he has gone through, Johnny was just bloody brilliant today. But I have to say that Scotland were very poor - totally without any obvious game plan, other than to keep the margin of defeat down. I hope that the boy, Hook can do the same for us tomorrow - but I have to admit, my money is on the Irish. I am a huge fan of Brian O'Driscoll.

The other big issue today's has been bird flu. This is really serious. Not a great shock because it has looked inevitable that it would arrive at some stage. But today, H5N1 arrived in the UK for the first time (the whooper swan in Celladyke was a migrant bird). This is very bad news for the poultry industry. The Assembly Government will have no choice but to prepare for some tough decisions about housing free range flocks etc. I expect a Ministerial Statement on Tuesday. We are unlikely to find out how the virus came in - but it has come in. We all hope that it can be isolated and that it doesn't spread - but I fear that it will.

There is only miniscule threat to human health yet - and there won't be unless and until the virus mutates into a form which can be transmitted from human to human. What today has shown us is the scale of death that bird flu can inflict if H5N1 does mutate. It is terrifying. The scale of death amongst turkeys in Suffolk could become the scale of death amongst humans.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Carwyn will exploit this situation to his advantage. The boy knows more about animals and birds and political advantage than any other member of the Labour party bar La Lorraine Barratt, the patron saint of lost marsupials. Watch out for the headline that Wales bans 'trill' and Cardiff market stole holders go bust. I'm really worried if our friend Carl( Brain of North Waless) catches it. I wonder what would Bernard Matthews do with him I suppose we will have to stop saying he's barking mad and start asking him to whistle the Indian Love call.

Anonymous said...

Come on Glyn get the little boy Cairns to start asking questions about Rhodri's booze up in London with the jackals.How much did it cost? What vintages were consumed in the name of Wales? Did Rhodri drink SA and was he wearing his Leighton Andrews's Burberry memorial cap?

Glyn Davies AM said...

I was at a reception in Mimosa the other day when 37 people voted for 'The Brain of North Wales' to be First Minister after the Election. Only 8 voted for Ieuan Wyn Jones, 5 for Rhodri, 2 for Dr Who and 1 for Mick Bates (Well he was there and probably voted for himself). Carl puffed himself up like a turkey. All very worrying. If he starts trilling this week, we'll call the vet.