Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ian Rush joins the Team

Great to see Ian Rush, probably Wales' greatest ever finisher (expect perhaps for John Charles who was of a different age) looking so lean and fit yesterday. Ian was in the Assembly presenting a £500 cheque from McDonalds to Cancer Research UK. The cash was the Welsh 'Parliamentary' team's winnings in last August's McDonalds-sponsered UK Parliamentary Shied, played in Cardiff. I can't work out how we won anything - since we lost to N. Ireland and England - and didn't make it to the final which was won by the Scots with a team stuffed full of ringers.

Great to see Minister for Sport, Alun Pugh at the event as well. Now Alun is a creative midfielder, who was a key member of our team until all the hoo-hah about McDonalds erupted. He turned tail in the face of fire from the food police. Alun made a nice little speech and I hope there's a nice little photo of him with a McDonalds backdrop. Its clear, that as well as being a fabulous footballer, Ian Rush has a talent for persuading politicians to set aside childish principles. Perhaps it was just the chance to get a photo in the papers. Perish the thought.

At least Health Minister, Brian Gibbons didn't turn up. Brian also played in our team at one stage - but pulled out after the ' McDonalds burgers makes you fat' issue blew up. Brian had a good excuse though. I'm told that he thought the 'Golden Arches' M on the front of our shirts was actually a W for Wales. Apparently, when he looked down at the logo when wearing the shirt, it looked like a W. It must be something to do with the education system in Ireland, where Brian was brought up.
Anyway, with Ian Rush joining Eric Harrison as the Wales coaches in August, I fully expect us to get the better of Geoff Hurst's England team and Kenny Dalgleish's Scots.


Anonymous said...

When hes lost clwyd west next May, he will have plenty of time to play footer

Glyn Davies AM said...

I am sure we will find a slot for him in our team - even when he does lose his seat