Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Name's Bourne - Nick Bourne

Since last December's Assembly budget debate fiasco, I've been the only one talking about a 'Rainbow Coalition' taking power next May. I have only been away for a few days and return to find that almost everyone is talking about it. I'm told that Elfyn Llwyd was on Dragon's eye last Thursday explaining that it is on the cards - but only if Ieuan Wyn Jones can be the First Minister. Now, what is the Welsh for 'no principles'. "Dim egwyddorion" I think.

And over the weekend, Rhodri Morgan, Tony Blair and Peter Hain seem to have been basing their entire appeal to voters on the probability that, what they variously refer to as a 'nightmare alliance' a 'ragbag coalition' or a 'tripe alliance' is the only option if Labour is not returned in triumph next May. Plaid are so upset about this that they are making rather pathetic threats of legal action unless it stops.
I felt my chest filling with pride when I read Rhodri's description of us as being 'as hungry as a starving tigress on the prowl'. There was Rhodri demanding "more grunt up front" from his Labour team - while running scared of losing his rear to an irresistable pack of Tory big cats coming up from behind.

The odd thing is that I've heard none of them mention the name of Nick Bourne, who leads this hungry pack. Rhodri has been launching into David Cameron, William Hague and someone with a name like John Redward - despite banging on about wanting the Election to be fought on 'Welsh' issues. The name of your Tory opponent (and likely replacement) Rhodri is Bourne - Nick Bourne.

It is an interesting question. Why cannot Rhodri or Hain utter the word 'Bourne'. Is it because they think it won't frighten the horses as much as the names, Cameron, Hague or someone called something like Ridewood. Or is it because they don't want to give 'Bourne' greater name recognition amongst voters. Mind you, I thought Rhodri's hair looked very neat on TV today. It looked as if he'd been to Ken Pictons in the Bay. Things must be getting desperate.


Anonymous said...

you dont look as if yuo know much about Ken Picton - more the shearing shed look

Anonymous said...

Peter Hain DID refer to Nick Bourne im his speech.

As well as saying that Nick Bourne "would make an undertaker look cheerful", he said:

"I am today sounding the alarm that, unless we remain vigilant, the Tories could slip into government through the backdoor on May 3rd. If you go to bed with Ieuan Wyn Jones or Mike German, you could wake up with Nick Bourne."

Glyn Davies AM said...

For once in my life, I am left totally speechless.

It is true anon. I have never been to Ken Pictons - though my wife is a regular customer. He is a good barber. And as it happens, I have had a haircut with a shearing machine. I sheared all of my hair off for a bet when I was in my teens.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rhodri's hair was styled by Michael Michael who is a Cardiff City councillor.

Anonymous said...

Hain's comments suggest that Brian Rix should be in the assembly.The standard of intellectual debate so far would not disgrace a Whitehall farce. Perhaps we should all follow your example and go to Spain until at least May 5th!

Glyn Davies AM said...

Regrettably, I have to agree that debate in the Assembly is of a poor standard. However when the debate makes a 'real' difference rather than the usual manufactured disagreement, the standard of debate goes up. A good example recently was the debate on the date a smoking ban would be introduced in Wales. Labour members actually dared to express their opinions. Debate will improve after May when the Assembly begins discussing new 'Measures'.

I must admit that Welsh politics seemed a world away when negotiating the North Course at La Manga

Anonymous said...

The names Redwood - John Redwood. You will hear a lot about him up to may 5