Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rhodri comes off the fence for Brown.

Just left the Chamber to find the First Minister in his room in deep discussion with two brownies from Caerphilly, including a 'sixer' - a senior position in 'brownie's world'. I immediately ask myself what this can mean. There was an army of camaras - so it was clearly some sort of stunt.

Since the two brownies were from Caerphilly, it could easily be a response to the announcement by Ron Davies this week that he intends to stand in May's Assembly election as an 'Independent' in Caerphilly'. Saving Jeff Cuthburt' is now a Government priority. Caerphilly now joins Wrexham and Blaenau Gwent as 'Old Labour' fighting back.

But I prefer the interpretation that this was another way of Rhodri Morgan showing his support for Gordon Brown. We have long suspected that Rhodri is a 'Brownite' and what better way to indicate this to voters than by association with 'brownies'. Rhodri has always moved in mysterious ways.

I have to say that the young 'sixer' looked entirely at home in the heart of Government - and looked totally relaxed when facing the TV cameras. A budding politician to watch in 15 years time.


Blamerbell said...

Crikey. What would you infer if he'd met with some beavers?

By the way Mr Davies, I'm still awaiting my link. Don't give me an excuse to start holding you to account for bad blogging etiquette:)

Anonymous said...

They were probably discussing how the assembly will manage the 3% efficiency savings which will be set out in the the new comprehensive spending review due now in October. I'm really surprised no one from the opposition has taken apart Labour's claim to be able to eliminate child poverty in Wales by 2020. Get your researchers to look at the IFS website and the work carried out by the Aneurin Bevan Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Trust. Perhaps'Mr I represent the poorest People in the world' Huw Lewis could be asked what policies he has to find the billions needed in tax ceredits by 2010 and how does he propose to eliminate the poverty caused by Wales's low wage economy.