Sunday, February 04, 2007

So Near.

If only Regan King was a Welshman. Even so, we should have been well away by half-time - despite the bloody awful start. And that was just after Jonathon had described Stephen Jones as a safe pair of hands. Short of pace on the outside. Mark Jones and Shane Williams would have made a difference. But it was still a great game to watch.

The referee must have been a descendent of the O'Kellys. He let two blatant Irish yellow card offences pass - and then completely ignored an equally blatant off-the-ball tackle that should have been a penalty try to Wales. No-one knows how to play a ref who 'bottles' big decisions better than Simon Easterby. But even in defeat, I enjoyed the game - until BBC commentator, Keith Wood said that the 'big three' had come through the weekend with victories. England put together one half decent performance against a Scotland side which hardly turned up - and they're world beaters again. And 7 of Englands points came from a supposed 'try' that everyone except the video ref could see was no such thing. Even Brian Moore, about as pro-England as you can get, was outraged by such injustice. Keith has been in the media world too long.

Didn't see Rhodri Morgan there. Perhaps he was still up in London schmoosing the London media, hoping for more favourable coverage during the Assembly election campaign. But we did see Bertie Ahearne there sitting next to Peter Hain, the man who has so blatantly tried to fix the result of the next Assembly election by altering the voting system in Wales. When you want him to fix the result of something, he doesn't deliver.

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