Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

It wasn't so much that we lost. I'd expected that. The Scots were at home and were bound to be really up for it. Even the margin of defeat was about what I expected - even if the scores were lower. But, in reality, we were totally hammered. It could have been anything. So little ball and so many mistakes. Gareth Jenkins won't sleep tonight - because there are no obvious answers. Its all very well for the armchair brigade talk about 'going back to basics' to win more ball. The truth is that the only way we can win is through the quick ball and quality 'off-loads' that put pace on the game. If we stop doing that, we won't beat anyone. I thought Mark Jones, Dwayne Peel and Martin Williams played well though - in difficult circumstances.

The only consolation was that England weren't much better. For the second week in a row, they benefited from a dodgy try - and they had so much of the 'run of the ball' that Gerry Guscott was right when he said it was like watching the reffing when Man U are at Old Trafford. It really wouldn't surprise me if we lose to Italy and beat England. Actually, I'd take that - and call it a satisfactory season! But the 'wooden spoon' looks a real possibility now. Oh Dear, what pain it is to be a rugby fan.

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