Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rhodri and Tsawang

I can't imagine Rhodri Morgan sitting on a yak. But he thinks just like a Tibetan sheep farmer nonetheless. For Tsawang Dumi, his yak is the equivilent of Rhodri's ministerial car. You may ask what the devil this has got to do with the price of parsnips - but read on. Or read today's Telegraph, page 6.

The only two people in the entire world that I've read about extolling the benefits of global warming are Rhodri and Tsawang, who lives in the mountains between Llasa and Mt. Everest. While Rhodi sees Wales becoming the new Costa Del Sol with scantily clad sun worshippers drinking cocktails in a beach hut at Borth, Tsawang sees a world without neccessity to move his sheep down the mountain in the lambing season. Both see climate change bringing about a better world for their own bit of it.

In the Assembly this week, everyone was appalled by Rhodri's ill-considered comments about climate change giving Wales a competetive advantage. But there is always one. Usually its Jeff Cuthburt. Always one lone voice saying "Well done, Rhodri" - even if it is a Tibetan sheep farmer who lives 23,000 miles up a mountain in Tibet.


Anonymous said...

Dont you mean 23,000 feet up a mountain

Anonymous said...

You're right of course Glyn but just today when it's raining all day in Mid Wales a few scantily clad sunworshipers would be nice!

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