Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Neil Kinnock could never have been Prime Minister.

Been away on a two day golfing trip with Mrs D. We played Porthmadog yesterday, and Dolgellau today. Were going to play Porthmadog twice, but climbing over the sand dunes like a mountain goat ricked my back, and I needed something a bit less strenuous today. So it was twice around the gentle nine at Dolgellau - with a buggy! Beautiful views of South Snowdonia. Stayed overnight at Portmeirion. Special treat. Stopped for coffee at The George Hotel which I also associate with lovely views. We're planning a few days in Ireland in late October, and then that's it until the General Election.

Just catching up on emails and blogs. There's so much of it. I've just started reading some of the policy stuff that's coming from Conservative HQ. I've never been much for reading policy documents and manifestos, etc. but I've decided to make an effort this time. I'm even a touch disappointed that I can't go to our Conference in Manchester this year. But I'm not a 'conference man' at all, and I'll probably learn more from reading about it.

As reading the comments on a post over on Iain Dale's blog I came upon this wonderful clip of Neil Kinnock speaking with Ed Stourton. You really must listen to it. It's so funny that I'm not sure it can be real - it must be Rory Bremner. After this performance, he was lucky not to be interviewed by Andrew Marr about mood swings. In passing, I thought Marr was out of order, asking such a naff generalised question of Gordon Brown on Sunday. If he was going to raise the subject at all, it should have been in depth about precisely the stuff that has been circulating on blogs. The question would have been better left unasked. I dread to think what someone as fiery as Kinnock would have done.


Alistair Barber said...

Come off it Glyn, the question was a plant.

It gave Gordon the chance to reassure viewers that his health is good and Labour to be 'outraged' about the 'intrusive' question.

Rumours abound that Gordon is on strong anti-depressants (MAOIs). There's not a single word about painkillers.

Gordon then rambled on about his eyesight which was not being questioned.

You may also note that Gordon broke into a sweat and was covering his mouth whilst answering.

I daresay that Dr. Desmond Morris (of People Watching fame) would have something to say about that.

Glyn Davies said...

Alistair - You may or may not be right. Many others think the same as you do. Which is why such a sensitive subject should not have dealt with in such an incredibly crass way - and by an experienced journalist too!

CVaughan said...

Glad you enjoyed Porthmadog but sorry to hear you hurt your back in the process. I have played there several times and it is a very challenging course, especially the back 9. For links golf I would thoroughly recommend the championship course at Aberdyfi, you can use a buggy there as the course is pretty flat especially compared to Porthmadog. It has spectacular views too

Anonymous said...

kinnocck would have thumped him

Glyn Davies said...

CV - Back's recovered now. I've had to be careful of it throughout my life. I've not played Aberdyfi, but plan to do so soon - and Nefyn which friends tell me is spectacular.