Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cameron doing a great job.

They're completely wrong, these armchair politicians who keep telling me that David Cameron must become more ...... well, I'm not really sure. As far as I can make out its 'more like we used to be'. You remember - when we were miles behind in the polls. Today I was told that David should promise to pull out of the European Union, should promise tax cuts for the 'middle classes', should cut off benefits for scroungers and send all the immigrants home. I should add that I didn't ask which party these people normally support. I just pointed out, ever so sensitively, that most opinion polls have had us at around 15% ahead in the polls throughout 2009, after almost twenty years of trailing miles behind the Labour Party. And on balance, I prefer it that way.

But I don't like to just dismiss what people say to me. I think about what they say. But even after consideration, I really cannot see any justification for criticising David Cameron's strategy - particularly after a week when he's handled the fallout from the deplorable decision to release the Locherbie bomber so well. David has been clear and unequivocal, while the Prime Minister has been at his clumsy disingenuous worst. Even Janet Daley in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph agrees. Could it be that the Telegraph, my regular read, has decided to end its war on the Conservatives. I do hope so. Earlier today, Mrs D suggested I should think about taking the Guardian instead. That was a suggestion that I didn't consider. Whatever, I rather prefer being ahead in the polls, and think David Cameron is doing a great job.


Anonymous said...

The Telegraph and Guardian are both good reads. Just promise us you'll steer clear of The Times and the Daily Sport. Pornography (political and otherwise) should be avoided! :)

menaiblog said...


Chwilio am swydd yn y llywodraeth newydd neu rhywbeth?

Tcoah said...

From the Conservative Party's perspective David Cameron is doing a great job as evidenced by the polling numbers. So the CP will get its chance to rebuild the UK economy and hopefully the Welsh one too. I'm a Labour man at heart, but my Party has lots its way in so many ways.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I promise.

Menaiblog - Mae's 'crafwr' gair newydd i fi. Bydd rhaid i mi darllen eich blog mwy - i chwilio am gyfleoedd i ddefnyddio'r gair fy hun!

Tcoah - Yes, but its terrifying. The challenges facing an incoming Prime Minister next year will be greater than since 1979 - and before that, the 1940's.

Anonymous said...

Tcoah - can't help feeling that it's the late 1970s all over again. Making a complete bollocks of the economy, with the Tories having to take some very tough measures to get the economy in some sort of shape. Labour were unelectable during the 1980s and early 1990s with the advent of John Smith did labour become "electable"; I can clearly remember Michael Foot turning up on rememberance Sunday in a Donkey Jacket - fool! And Kinnock ending up having a roll in the surf!

Blair got out in time, Brown took over and has run out of ideas...big time!

Unfortunately, the tories are going to be running the country from 2010 to 2025, we will still be in Afganistan and King Charles III will still be talking to his plants and making bigger gaffs than even his old man could manage.

Tcoah said...

It's kind of funny Glyn with all this talk about Labour its actually Labor [sic] Weekend here; Labor Day marks the symbolic end of the American summer - falls on the first day of September, which this year is September 7 (tomorrow); a lot of folks take the preceding Friday off to have a long weekend off work. Vacation days here are fewer than in the UK, but Americans work at taking Fridays and Monday’s off work to get their breaks. Some, anxious to keep their jobs, don’t take all their vacation days they are entitled too.

Just a few days ago the Feds announced that the labour market here is still bleeding jobs, the national unemployment level rose to 9.7%. “The level of those under-employed – which includes those who have taken part-time work to make ends meet and those who had been searching for a job but have stopped looking – rose to 16.8pc, the highest level since records began in 1994.” (Telegraph Newspaper).

I pointed out in a letter (intended for publication, but not published) that the green shoots of recovery were a joke, that we were heading for a skewed W shaped recession and this would be also happen in the EU/UK/Wales. I guessed the letter would not be published because it made for very depressing reading just when most folks are hoping for a job recovery.

Observing the situation more inside the beltway (the freeway that circles the Washington, DC metro area) it’s seems pretty clear to me that absent a fundamental rethink the predicted skewed W motif is going to turn into a bouncing ball trajectory with each peak not as high as the previous one; essentially: the West’s dominance is slipping away – and essentially it was ‘ours to lose’.

We need to start making things again – shifting production capacity to the Far East is causing our home economies to unwind especially in view of the cap ’n trade fiasco now imposed on US industry c/o President Obama. More factories will close in the USA, shifting production to the Far East where pollution controls are in name only.

Toach said...

Anon (03:04:00)> I was in Glasgow University working towards a PhD in Chemistry when John Smith died - if I recall correctly at least one of his daughters was studying there at the time; it's my understanding that John Smith also studied and graduated from Glasgow University. His sudden death was a bit of a shock to everyone and at Glasgow University it really struck home. John Smith loved Glasgow University. Had John Smith lived he would have been the next PM.

ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

Cameron is running a very electorally successful strategy, helped in large measure by a Labour implosion too. I would indeed like him to propose those policies mentionned in your post, but lets wait until he has a big majority (including you hopefully), then we can put this country back on its feet......

Gungha Din a. said...

A few days ago, Cameron promised to increase spending on the war in Afghanistan,a pronouncement that will anger many British voters.

Given the fiasco of the non-existent WMD`s in Iraq, and the constant killing of Afghani women and children, the majority mood in Britain is not supportive of a protracted war against the Afghan resistance.

His pro-war stance may sit well with the city and the old etonian establishment, but amongst the young and the modernists, he has already burned his boat.