Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fable of the Sun and the Wind.

Once upon a time Mr Sun and Mr Wind were very good friends, but after many years of friendship they fell into disagreement. Mr Sun became disenchanted with Mr Wind's non-stop bullying and empty bluster. The disagreement became a trial of strength. The two former friends could not agree which of them was the more powerful.

While they were arguing, a man named John Bull sauntered past, and the blustering, bullying Mr Wind said "What you say Mr Sun is of no consequence. My ability to persuade, by huffing and puffing, will dominate your ability to persuade, through warming and informing. Let us ask that man named John Bull, who happens to be passing, to judge which of us is the more powerful." The Sun agreed and accepted the challenge.

So for several weeks Mr Wind blew and blustered and bullied, but John Bull remained unmoved and unconvinced. The sky was dark and full of clouds. He was not persuaded. Then Mr Sun put on his smiling face, and told John Bull that turning his back on Mr Wind would lead to a better life. As Mr Sun shone and shone, the skies turned a lovely shade of blue. John Bull said he was persuaded. Mr Sun had won, and Mr Wind was defeated and went away to somewhere else, where huffing and puffing was more highly regarded.


alanindyfed said...

After this past decade of misery and sleaze the British public need more sunshine in their lives and less bluster, a new political dawn. It will come if they bother to get out and vote for it.

Tcoah said...

As a lawyer might put it: "substance over form". A vampire can't stand UV - so sunshine is a problem, and "wind" as Dirty Harry might say, "Has its limitations".