Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Modelling career off to a good start.

I must admit that I'd been dreading it. Not so much the actual doing of it. More the photograph that might appear in the County Times. I knew their photographer, Phil Blagg was salivating at the prospect of a photograph of me making my debut on the catwalk wearing nothing but speedos and flip flops. I was so worried about being compared with you-know-who that I'd rung the editor of the County Times and appealed to Nick Knight's good nature, begging him to ban such a photograph. Anyway it all turned out OK.

The occasion was a Marks and Spencer fashion show in Montgomery Town Hall. Lillian, who organised it had asked me if I would be a male model. I was enjoying a cappuccino in the sunshine outside the Castle Kitchen in Montgomery when she asked me, and feeling very relaxed having just knocked off the 'moderate' sudoku in the Telegraph in six minutes - so I said "yes". It was only when I turned up at M and S in Shrewsbury for the 'fitting' that I learned about the 'Beach wear'. Panic. I couldn't pull out. It was for a good cause. Grit my teeth time. Several tickets were sold on the 'beach wear' basis.

Phil Blagg turned up at the fashion show with camera primed and a vicious glint in his eye. He knew he'd got me over a barrel. But salvation was at hand. There'd been a cock-up. No beach wear. So relieved that I agreed to photo-op, which involved me posing like a Roman god surrounded by all the lady models. Mrs D said afterwards that she cringed. Phil went home, and I could proceed with the important business of my debut as a male model. Must admit that I was not happy that the other male model, Toby was built like one - handsome, tall and slim. Whatever, my turn came to face the catwalk wearing luxury moleskin trousers. Voyka had coached me in how to pose, spin and drop my hip. Great welcome, and then Phil blagg leapt out from behind a curtain to snap me in full pose. I'm dreading tomorrow's edition.

Lillian tells me that around £1000 was raised towards a defibrillator unit for Montgomery - so the stress was all worthwhile. PS - the welcome I received from the audience was such that I bought the moleskin trousers.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Glyn, bet you did a grand job, hope you make it into the County Times!!

Anonymous said...

All well and good Glyn, and let's hope that your picture does make into the mouthpiece of the Lib Dems in Montgomeryshire. Lookig at last week's copy, the MP for Hello pops up a couple of times. This has now become par for the course. It seems he's really putting himself out there in the run up to the GE. And the County Times is making an almighty effort to promote him, more than ever. Quite simply, you are not appearing enough, and the impression people are getting is that Lembit Opik is here there and everywhere. This is something you MUST address. It seems to me that neither your local party or the Welsh party quite get the vital importance of this. Also, the Welsh party does not seem to be backing your attempt to win this seat in the way one would hope, with a disappointing level of support coming from that quarter. Why, for goodness sake, are you only given a slim chance of winning by the Welsh Tories? It makes one query the direction of your campaign up there. Wake up - this is the one and only chance you will get and, frankly, you Montgomeryshire Tories are underwhelming both the press and the locals. Wake up !

Anonymous said...

Shame! And just how many moles gave their skins to make the aforementioned trousers? Eh?
We need to know!

Da machgen i!

Anonymous said...

For those who dont do irony- the last post was sent with a smile on my face - Welsh line reads as "Well done that man!"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand those people that criticise LO and the County Times when LO appears in the paper for doing his job.

Glyn, it's great to see you doing your bit for charity - just wonder what you and the Tory reaction would have been if LO was in this weeks CT posing in moleskin trousers?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - It was a great night. But it was the CT coverage that I was worried about. Big relief that it wasn't too bad.

Anon - The MP is really putting himself about at the moment. I do my best, but its inevitable that an MP gets much more coverage than a candidate. I have no complaints about the level of support I'm getting.

Jim - 38" waist, so quite a lot of moles I should think!

Anon - You will not have heard me making any criticism at all. I did comment some weeks ago that six photographs in the same edition was likely to harm to his cause. If I could arrange things exactly as I want, one photograph per week would be about right. The only criticism I have made is of the childish rubbish he puts his name to for the Daily Sport, a pornographic rag in my opinion.