Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard Sell.

A Conservative Parliamentary candidate was walking along High Street in Newtown, Montgomeryshire this morning, when he was accosted by what can only be described as a high pressure salesman, seeking to persuade unsuspecting passers by to switch to Swalec to supply gas and electricity. The conversation went something like this;

High Pressure Salesman - "Who supplies you with your gas and electricity?"

Parliamentary Candidate - "Er, um, Manweb."

HPS - "Do you know who owns Manweb?"

PC - "Er, um, Scottish Power."

HPS - "And who owns Scottish Power?"

PC - "Er, um. I don't know. Does it matter?"

HPS - "Its owned by the Spanish" - delivered in a tone that suggested that any clear thinking British person would leap back in disgust, and immediately sign on the dotted line of Swalec's transfer form.

PC - "Don't you think your attitude is a bit narrow minded?"

HPS - "We should not be allowing profits to go to a foreign country".

Must admit that I'd had enough, and walked off. The last time I stopped to speak with a stall on the side of a street in Newtown was about 20 yards around the corner at the entrance to Bear Lanes a few months ago. It was a BNP stall. Just thought I'd mention it.


Anonymous said...

The Spanish also own quite a number of our High Street Banks; not bad for a country that has previously been seen as the poor relation in Europe. It was within my lifetime that Spain was under the control of one Gen. Franco.

Anyone remember the Fawlty Towers episode "Basil the Rat"?

"...Well, of course it's a rat! You have rats in Spain, don't you - or did Franco have them all shot?"

Anonymous said...

I think we should all buy British whenever possible, and besides when things go wrong and you have to contact these companies, it's so much better to speak to someone in this country, and not do battle with a person in India who has the gaul to treat you as if you're the person who has a language problem!!!