Sunday, September 20, 2009

Conservative Love-bombing.

Nothing more devastates a young man contemplating his future than unrequited love. Do you remember, as a blotchy teenager, asking the object of your fantasies if she would like to join you for five minutes behind the bike shed, or accompany you on a visit to the cinema - only to be rebuffed with a contemptuous laugh. And do you remember the humiliation when the goddess then told all of her friends of your vain attempt to win her favour. The emotional stress was severe - for a few days anyway. I look back on the behaviour of such women as cruel and heartless. Nick Clegg's behaviour today has brought it all back to me. His failure to even consider an invitation to discuss the possibility of getting together with the Conservatives is distressing. His public boasting about it on national media is the action of a man with no regard for human feelings - just the sort of thing a man willing to sleep with 30 different women might do!

Now that the Lib Dems have performed the mother of all U-turns, and are acknowledging that there must be reductions in public spending, there should be no reason why Nick Clegg shouldn't be willing to co-operate with the Conservatives. He seems to be adopting most of our policies. Yet he chooses to launch his 'nastiest' attacks on us. This is what Ukip also do. Despite the Conservatives being the 'Euro-sceptic party', its in our direction that Ukip seems to direct most of its vitriol. And now I think about it, Plaid Cymru are focusing their heavy artillery on us as well. As the home-alone spotty teenager might ask,"why don't any of them love us". Perhaps they're all a bit miffed that we seem to have the voters on our side.

Winning the affection of Lib Dem and Plaid voters is crucial to my own chances of success in Montgomeryshire. I suppose you could call it a strategy - except that it just comes naturally. Lots of my friends have generally voted Lib Dem over the years. Lots of my extended family are instinctively sympathetic to Plaid Cymru. And I will not choose my friends, and cannot choose my family on the basis of their politics. My 'libertarian' and 'localist' instincts should make for comfortable discussion with Lib Dems, and my love of Wales and its language must help with Plaid friends. In fact, I sense that I have very little in common with the spotty teenager at the Montgomeryshire level. Perhaps, David Cameron should make me head of his 'love-bomb' unit.


Call me - but call me said...

"... just the sort of thing a man willing to sleep with 30 different women might do!"

or "... just the sort of thing a boy willing to set fire to a garden greenhouse might do!"

Clegg's 'green credentials' said...

Didn't Clegg "... set fire to some rare cacti in a greenhouse during a party in Munich"?

So much for Cleggs 'green credentials".

Che Grav-ara said...

"His public boasting about it on national media is the action of a man with no regard for human feelings "

Glad to see your not getting over dramatic glyn!

Penddu said...

I would be willing to sleep with 30 different women - just not so sure I can find 30 willing to do so :o(

alanindyfed said...

Plaid Cymru don't love you because you are a Unionist party, committed to keeping Wales, Scotland and Cornwall (and Ulster) under Westminster suzerainty.
Lib Dems don't love you because you will reap the effects of the public's wrath with the Labour government and Lib Dems will be squeezed out.In theory a united opposition to Labour is a nice concept but the Lib Dems are not Conservatives and have a different approach unique to them and they do not want to dissemble for fear of losing votes.Simple as that.

alanindyfed said...

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said he is committed to building a "fairer Britain" as he set out plans to raise more than £17 billion a year by targeting the wealthiest in society. Skip related content

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Central to the strategy is a new tax on the owners of the estimated 250,000 properties worth more than £1 million and closing loopholes exploited by top earners.

Fun Ho Ho said...

Che G' - "Clegg thought it was funny burning the rare cacti" - didn't he have any feelings whatsoever about the carer who cared for and nurtured those rare plants? Or for the plants themselves? And to top it off, Lib Dems voted for him to be their national leader.

It's a Clegg Life:
"Burn rare cacti for fun
Sleep with 30 different women
Leave note for milkman,
and ho ho, become the leader of the Lib-Dem Party.

Anonymous said...

Just hope Plaid and those dissatisfied with the MP for Hello decide to vote tactically. Also hope you're reaching out to them locally. There are lots of people in Montgomeryshire who have had enough of LO. Shame about UKIP, but I would give you a fighting chance of taking this seat. LO just keeps giving and giving you ammunition. Are the Tories centrally aware of just how winnable a seat this is ?