Friday, September 04, 2009

In praise of 'Chunky Thighs'

Now that I've agreed to make my debut as a 'charity' catwalk model, I'm taking rather more note of body shape. Perhaps unusually, I've never been attracted to the look of these long legged Amazons, with thighs like cricket stumps. Give me the 'chunky' thigh any day. (I should add here that Mrs D's body shape is the perfect happy medium). Anyway, we now learn that those of us blessed with a pair of 'chunkies' have a lower risk of heart disease and premature death. It seems that we will live longer.

This useless bit of information (useless because we can't do much about it) has emerged from a study carried out at Copenhagen University Hospital. Lead author of the Report, Professor Berit Heitmann says that people with very thin thighs could have as much as double chance of developing heart disease, and dying early. So if anyone sniggers, or I hear anyone whispering 'thunder thighs' as I take my first tentative steps on the catwalk in Montgomery Town Hall on the 15th Sept, I shall hold my head up high, knowing that I will have the last laugh - unless the Grim Reaper finds some other means of claiming me first!

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