Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Never been more sorry that I'm a c*** photographer. The combination of fog and freezing temperatures produced the most amazing photo-potential in the garden over Christmas. All I've got is an cheap-ish four years old digital I bought when I was an Assembly Member. I noted from the publication of AMs allowance claims that some of them bought some quality equipment. This is the part of the garden we call 'The Glade'. These trees cost even less than the camera. I dug them up as seedlings on the farm. There are always a few seats around here in the summer, a shady spot which overlooks the pool.
Nothing looks better in this weather than the grasses border, which is about 60 metres long. Can't add much to this photograph of a stipa and a miscanthus.

There are very few mature trees in our garden. It was field when we moved in. But there are a few oaks down by the stream, which is the area I'm hoping to open up this summer. I think they add a nice backdrop to the seat/obelisk that we put in place last year. We have someone coming in to engrave N/S/E/W on it next month. For those who have been to visit, its on top of the mount which looks down on the pool - opposite the silver birch glade.

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