Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Problems with Curry

Only ever eaten one curry in my life, and it caused a ferocious response from my stomach. OK, so it was several decades ago, after a great victory somewhere in the Midlands, and a few celebratory jars - but I've always blamed the curry and never touched the stuff since. And there was the great 'Curry House Plot' a few years ago, when the peppers so inflamed the innards of four Plaid Cymru AMs that they decided in was time to terminate Ieuan Wyn Jones leadership of the Party. When this idea was mentioned to Ieuan next day, he took such umbrage that he immediately resigned in disgust. But he came back - a bit like the aforementioned curry that I ate. His career has never looked back. And the lead story in tonight's Shropshire Star concerns Mr Chun-Hung Cheung, a Shropshire restauranteur who's just been fined £2, 515 for stirring his curry with a dirty cricket bat. The report does not make clear what the fine would have been if the bat had been pristine clean. So you can see, from my limited experience, 'where there's curry, there's trouble'.

So it seems most odd to me that Sir Emyr Jones Parry has decided to launch his All Wales Convention on its 22 stop tour of Wales by asking people to "Join us for a curry and tell us how you think Wales should work in the future". This Convention is the fine group of 'guys and gals' who have been charged with advising the Assembly Coalition Government when the time is right to hold a referendum asking the Welsh people whether they want a full law making National Assembly of Wales. Jags Catering of Swansea are preparing the curries, which are costing the taxpayer £6 each, and are free to anyone who is prepared to sit through the meeting that follows. Not sure what the rules are if you fall asleep. And in my opinion you might as well fall asleep for all the good the Convention is going to do.

It did look really daft on the Welsh TV News this morning. First up was Rhodri Morgan, making it as clear as he could without declaring 'A referendum by 2011 is dead as a one legged dodo' that it is as dead as a dodo. And then Sir Emyr entering our screens to invite us for a curry and a discussion about whether we think this referendum should be held or not. When the Convention was first announced, many of us thought this Convention was no more than an upmarket form of procrastination. I regret to confirm that I still think that. The only possible explanation is that Ieuan Wyn Jones will need an authoritative voice advising him that a referendum should not be held before 2011 - the excuse he needs to protect him from the wrath of all those activists who agreed to enter Coalition with Labour when they find out its not going to happen. For the second time, Ieuan Wyn Jones' political career will be saved by a curry. Of course it could all just be a novel way of providing a 'financial stimulus' to the Welsh catering economy.


Anonymous said...

is it such a bad thing then Glyn? isn't it just a form of public engagement that arguably we should have on a lot more issues. I'm not in favour of more powers at this time currently, but think widening the debate and informing more people should be admired. Yes it costs money and i can't believe the price you have quoted, but what doesn't. A eurofighter costs 95 million pounds. Scrap one say and use the money to fund the convention for a good few decades!!

Jim Griff said...

I hope that you will join us hee in Ceredigion on the 4th March to enjoy .......ummm...No idea what? Maybe sushi???? You suprise me with your comments about curry being a rugger man...only ONCE? Wow!! ever enjoyed your post and must say, this is why you have to keep blogging- One of your better ones!

Kindest regards

alistair barber said...

Another example of Assembly profligacy.

SIX pounds per curry???

Supplied by Jags Catering???

A variety of perfectly good curries, made to authentic Asian specs. are available at ASDA on a Meal deal @ TWO for SEVEN Pounds. This includes a selection of rices, a Naan Bread of your choice and also an Onion Bhaji.

Now, I wonder just why they chose Jags Catering and their extortionate prices.

Was there a bidding process?

More transparency please, the Public need to know.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the £6 per head is correct Glyn? It's a very expensive curry, unless they are cooking them to order.

Not sure if the Convention is a good idea or a waste of time and money really, but hope not many turn up if it's £6 a throw!

Anonymous said...

Why do we need another vote Glyn - will be devisive, expensive and divert time and efforts to building up our Assembly towards the role of a real Senate.

We also need to have a major look at local government - councils are too big, too many members and do less and less,

Anonymous said...

I think you may be right Glyn
The convention is so discredited , not by the memembers, but by comments around its purpose and the fact that it is quite clear that there will be no referendum.
So why go through the motions.
Looking at the way the LCOs are going , while Labour are in charge, the Wales Office will still have the last word any way, so what is the point.The people who are turning up are the usual suspects anyway, very few real people are taking part.
Yep waste of money. Good for Jag,at least. Sad for those of us who want workable true decentralisation here in Wales

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - You pose an intersting question. Should it be an investment in our national security or a non stop talking shop with no obvious purpose. Hmmm. Have to think about that one.

Jim - Perhaps they'll do you a 'Fish of the Day' at the Harbourmaster. Then I would come to join you.

Alistair - Freedom of Information inquiry perhaps.

Dalesman - Well thats what it said on the BBC web page I linked to the post.

anon - two big questions. My view is that every effort should be made to make the current system work - which requires a positive approach both ends of the M4. The only way a referendum on granting full law making powers to the National Assembly would have been a goer would have required a full blooded commitment from the day the Coalition was agreed. I could see it was a dead duck after the first three months of phaffing about.

VM - I feel abit sorry for the members of the Sir Emyr and his team. Must fel a bit like all the people working on ID cards, thinking that a new Government is going to come along and cancel the it.

Anonymous said...

Mumtaz, Commercial St., Maesteg, does a £6.95 all you can eat buffet on a Sunday, choice of three chicken curries, one veg. curry, rice, chips, bargies and naan breads.

Cobra beer on draught

Glyn, next time you are in Gods little Acre, on a Sunday, you will have to pop in.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is the WAG's way of making sure the there is no referendum in the near future in accordance to Mr Hain's well publicised statement - "no referendum until we know we can win it!".

Anonymous said...

national security glyn? i suggested one euro fighter, i think we could live without one glyn, unless you know something about our eemies that we don't? who exactly should we be aiming these expensive machines at the mo?

Anonymous said...

Euro fighter, bit abstract that Glyn.

Where did that come from, have you got a hanger in your garden, are you a secret Biggles?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I often choose Cobra beer - ever since I met the inspirational Lord Bilamouria at Cardiff Business Club a few years ago.

Anon - There really is no point in holding a referendum unless there's a fair chance of a 'yes' vote. Opinion polls suggest a majority in favour of a 'yes' vote at the moment, but I'd put money on a No vote myself as much a statement of opposition to politicians in general as to law making powers.

anon - Now I'm no defence expert, but I would have expected those who favour a cut in the defence budget to focus on abandoning the Trident replacement, rather than a eurofighter, which Anon - 4 I didn't bring up.