Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Lake Vyrnwy Hotel

Its a great place to leave worldly troubles behind. And the offer of the top notch evening meal and a bottle of champagne thrown in with an overnight stay was too good to miss. So yesterday afternoon we drove off to the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, and left those worldly troubles behind. This was the view from our bedroom window. Its probably the scene most widely used to promote Wales as a tourist destination. All I took with me was a book, a toothbrush and Mrs D. Even mobile phones don't have a signal.

2 comments: said...

I love to visit this hotel.

Anonymous said...

It really does have one of the best views in Wales and the fodd is very very good. The hotel, alas, did not do itself any favours by allowing Lembit Opik to use it as a backdrop to a photo-shoot for Hello with that Cheeky Girl. Especially since it's a place that his ex, that he dumped upon from a great height, used to frequent with her walking gang. I'm told she still goes there with her husband.