Monday, January 19, 2009

Ken Fletcher

I was told today that Mr Ken Fletcher had died over the weekend. He hadn't been well for a while. I knew him since the 1980s, when he worked for Montgomeryshire District Council during the period that I was Chairman of the Council. Ken Fletcher will be best remembered for the 40 year's public service he gave to the town of Welshpool, as its Town Clerk. He was a man always firm in his opinions, but I always found him helpful and determined to put Welshpool, the town that he served for so long, before all else. He will also be remembered with great fondness by his many friends, and by everyone associated with Welshpool Golf Club.


Anonymous said...

Well what a loss to Welshpool - I knew him as a strong advocate for town councils - ( though not the welsh language )

He was from an age that put community first and politics, personal advancement second.

Anonymous said...

Ken was perfect for the role of Town Clerk. He had respect for Councillors and for his civic duties and didn't try to upstage those that have been elected by the democratic process. His role was to support our community leaders, providing expert advice on a myriad of local government issues. He understood the extent of the role that a Town Council should play within local government. There is a real difference between the role of the Town Council and that of a County Council. Unfortunately his successor has created a layer of confusion, which is born from a crusade simply to have his name mentioned at every opportunity. He certainly has connections with the Shropshire Star as he is mentioned at least on a weekly basis. He has claimed that he alone has been instrumental in bringing about the new livestock market and some much needed (???) shopping development at Welshpool. His latest pronouncements have been on affordable housing. I find this "concern" for our local young people rather perplexing for a former estate agent from Surrey who probably contributed somewhat to current housing market conditions and for a representative of a lower order council that has no responsibilities whatsoever for housing. But of greatest disappoinment is a clerk who wants his name recorded everywhere as the messiah of Welshpool. It is the likes of Councillor Ann Hollaway that should be applauded and be given due credit for any successes from the Town Council. I can't ever remember Ken preparing weekly press releases that just spoke about his achievements.