Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Publish and not be damned again

A campaign which this blog has supported, even before it was a campaign, looks as if it could be successful. Alan Duncan has given it a huge boost today. This is very good news for politics.
UPDATE - The Prime Minister has been all over the place on this. At today's PMQs he told the House of Commons that Labour MPs would have a free vote on the motion to prevent the Freedom of Information Act applying to MPs - despite Labour spokespersons briefing beforehand that Labour MPs would be whipped to vote. And then as soon as PMQs were over, it has become clear that the motion is being withdrawn completely. It was a disgraceful little stunt to try to exempt MPs from legislation that applies to everyone else. Iain Dale thinks that this may be a victory for the blogosphere. It is certainly a victory for transparency in our public life.


dalesman said...

It looks like all our efforts may have been worth while.
Lots of blogs on this, and a facebook group too.
Well done to everyone who opposed the government.

Anonymous said...

glyn well done. youve won this arguememnt. brown has just admited defeat and pulled the debate

Glyn Davies said...

Both. This is a great result. Its laughable to see the way Gordon Brown is trying to spin his way out of this humiliation. I still don't know whether the claims relating to the last few years are going to be made public. In my opinion they should be. I'm not against the allowances, except the iniquitous Communications Allowance, but any politician who expects the taxpayer to stand a bill should know what its for.

Valleys Mam said...

it just shows how fast you can get an opposition mounted
Facebook just boomed on it and through the blogs people wrote to MPs and recruited more to the cause.
Tom Steinberg did a sterling job.
I hope we can get more people power through on issues this way

Glyn Davies said...

VM - I read that they are still looking for a way to avoid publication. There may be more for us to do yet.