Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marking a special day

Today was a very special day in the history of the world. A black man named Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. Of course I could have flown to the US to join the masses who turned out to celebrate a great occasion. It would have been nice to say "I was there." But I decided to stay at home, wear a campaign T-shirt that I bought at an auction, and visit the most American-related location I could find in Montgomeryshire. I did think of visiting Emerson in Newtown, but not many people would associate this company with the USA. So I plumped for McDonald's in Newtown. I had a coffee, and asked the manager to take this photograph.


little red rooster said...

Difficult to imagine a company less appropriate to associate with Obama than Mucky Ds.
Still, it must be difficult for the Tories to try to claim this one for their own - electing an Old Etonian ain't exactly "making the change".

Anonymous said...

A coffee is all you should buy at MacDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Glyn I think thats up there with one of the worst cases of political desperation I have ever seen! I'm sad to say but it's something id expect from Lembit!

Glyn Davies said...

I could have tried a serious and meaningful post on what the election of Obama means to the world - but so many others have done that. I tried a bit of humour (my sort that is) instead. Anon - Not sure what's political about it. Its a blog post for those who visit - and you don't have to. And I also think that McDonand's is a very professional and well run company - though it is only a coffee that I've bought since the children grew out of chicken mcnuggets.

Anonymous said...

Little red rooter> why is it inappropriate to associate McDonald's with President Obama?

McDonald's has HUGE connections with Illinois - McDonald's world HQ is in Chicago - and Obama's home is in Illinois (Chicago). Illinois is very proud of its association with McDonalds. McDonald's museum is in Illinois. It was a businessman from Illinois that built McDonalds into a household name. As to your reference to private schooling - aren't you aware that President Obama was privately schooled? He also went to private universities.

JPT said...

Glyn, why weren't you celebrating his Welsh heritage?
From 'Wales Online' 5 Jul 2008:

However, genealogists have gathered evidence which suggests his mother’s family are descended from Welsh trailblazers who founded the Radnor township in Ohio.

Not often reported but true all the same.
I can send you the link if you like.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - excellent comment. I've always found something a bit snobbish about the anti-McDonalds stuff. Truth is people like what they do, which is why the company is successful.

Welshman in DC, formerly in Chicago said...

Your welcome Glyn - I just happen to know about McDonald's connection to Illinois because I lived in Illinois's largest city, Chicago, and graduated from one of Chicago's best law schools (well I would say that!), DePaul Law School. But I went part time and worked full time. Probably cost me my marriage. One thing I did notice, the British version of mcnuggets was ten times better than the US version.

bryn vaughan said...

Glyn I think thats up there with one of the worst cases of political desperation I have ever seen! I'm sad to say but it's something id expect from Lembit!

Here here!
Just what is going on with this pathetic self promotion?
I say this as someone who enjoys a Mac breakfast.
But Glyn looking like this, my gawd!

Glyn Davies said...

Bryn - I don't really look on my blog as self promotion. If I did, I'd agree that it was pathetic. I suspect that it generates as much anti as it does support. Actually, I think the T-shirt is hideous, but it was one of those used in the States during Obama's campaign, and I paid quite a lot of money for it at a fund raising auction. The McDonald's angle just amused me, if not some others - and its my blog!! Anyway, at least you put your name to your comment