Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking for Life

This is Darragh, and he's knackered. This morning he 'walked' about 4 miles around Powis Castle Parkland. More accurately, he was 'walked' by me - so I was more knackered than he was. It was none too warm when we started out, which is why Adrienne had trussed him up in a Yeti suit. The second picture is of No 3 son Tim with wife and issue.

We were all walking as participants in the annual Walk for Life - which involves hundreds of thousands of walkers joining hundreds of separate walks all over Britain. The Welshpool walk was organised this year by Berriew YFC. I'm the secretary of the Powys branch of Kidney Foundation Wales, which has been campaigning for a Kidney Dialysis Unit to be located in Montgomeryshire for years. Half the donated money goes to the local fund, and half to the national charity. And at long last, there's a project board in place with a leader who actually wants to deliver. So we are hopeful that the new unit (attached to Welshpool Hospital) will be operational before the end of the year.

The weather was great today. Not too hot. Mr Wyn Williams, the buyer of my fat lambs over many years, and the Lib Dem's candidate to contest the Assembly seat being vacated by Mr Mick Bates in 2011 joined us. He's certainly putting himself about - which only emphasises the current mysterious disappearance from public view of the old Bob Dylan loving bruiser. I did notice that Wyn will have to get a bit fitter if he wants to keep up with me. Now, there's issueing a challenge is it not? Pushing Darragh around the Park would have tested him!! Anyway, well done Berriew YFC, and Becky, Lynne and Nikki in particular.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome little chap. You should be very proud.

Anonymous said...

I should think Mick is busy lambing, and to be fair to him, he's a very nice guy underneath all that bluster, and is probably feeling very ashamed of himself over the debacle with the paramedic, so is keeping his head down.

Anonymous said...

Ashamed?! So he should be! He should be facing assault charges and an immediate resignation of his AM seat. Lambing? Does he not have tax-payer funded Assembly work to do?

Anonymous said...

Nice guys don't get themselves thrown out,or abuse paramedics!