Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polly Toynbee - in your dreams!

Its 1.30 am. I'm still at my keyboard - sitting here stunned by what I've done. I've just written a 550 word article for the Guardian newspaper. I've never even read the Guardian - except on holiday and when I cannot find a Telegraph or a Mail. Earlier today, the Deputy Editor rang our Welshpool office, and asked Pam for my contact numbers. Pam duly informed me. Being fore-warned is being fore-armed she said. Because my only previous contact with the Guardian was a good bit less than friendly, my first instinct was to wonder what I'd done this time. Sure to be my bl***y blog again, I thought. But I've been so careful lately. Nothing risky. Stripped of innuendo and humour - until after the Election. Cheryl hasn't been on the phone for ages to tick me off.

But no need to worry. The email waiting for me at home seemed genuine. Couldn't see any bear traps. She just wanted 550 words by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not free until after eleven - which is why I'm still here at 1.30 am. Anyway article's been sent - and I've copied it to Richard Hazlewood, who does for the Welsh Conservatives what Alistair Campbell did for New labour. Talk about being careful. I hope my words are used. I wonder whether they pay. Shouldn't think so - and I'm not going to ask. Don't want to give the impression that I'm a 'trougher'. They must know that we wannabe MPs will do it just for the profile. And now to bed, and to sleep, and to dream about Polly Toynbee perhaps,


Blodyn said...

What is the article about? I've been a Guardian reader since I was 14 - some 45 odd years. I was at a hospital once after being called to see a consultant following a dodgy smear test. Legs in the air - I asked the nasty man - what exactly are you doing? Oh, Guardian reader are you? he replied. Yes - we do like to know what's going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"No big yin" reading the Guardian newspaper. I remember a fellow PhD chemist ‘demonstrating’ (running undergrad labs and marking lab-write ups) would sit at his desk and open a Guardian with “Another Day, Another Guardian”. The Guardian is a great read - I marvel at how the organ reconciles its Rhodri Morgan like love for all things Obama with the plain fact that the majority of Americans who voted for him now pretty much despise his policies and younger voters now graduating without jobs and knowing it is they and their children who are going to pay for Obama’s out of control socialist spending spree.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Does that mean I have to buy the Guardian? Can't wait to read your blog after the election.

ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

Polly Toynbee? Dream? Nightmare!

Glyn Davies said...

Blodyn - Actually, it was Guardian Commentisfree`, and it was put online today. It was about what its like to work with the Lib Dems in a 'hung parliament' situation. And what exactly was the nasty man doing?

Anon - Obama is one of these politicians who will be loved, but not in his own back yard. There seems a danger that he may do a Jimmy Carter, unless he gets his act together sharpish.

Anon - No, you can read the article online. I'll put up the link in my next post.

Roman - In the event, I don't think Polly featured at all last night!