Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just me supporting George Osborne again.

Still reading and hearing a few negative comments about George Osborne - though far less than had been the case. Personally, I think these comments are either born of an ingrained anti-Conservative prejudice, or are very difficult to understand. As readers know, I have a high opinion of George Osborne, and also believe that the populist Vince Cable is grossly over-rated (though I would not say I have a low opinion of him). I thought, as did Michael Crick on Newsnight, that Gearge Osborne gained most from the Channel 4 programme. Every one of those who have spoken negatively about the Shadow Chancellor directly to me, have had to concede that they didn't actually watch the 'Chancellor's Debate' earlier this week. While it doesn't prove much either way, this makes interesting reading. Anyway, similar things were being said about Margaret Thatcher in 1978.

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