Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Guardian Article

I promised to provide a link to the piece I wrote last night for Guardian 'Comment is free'. The subject I'd been asked to write about was what its like to work with the Liberal Democrats, against the background of the current discussion about a 'hung parliament'. And from a Welsh perspective. I didn't build the article on policy or philosophy issues. It seems to have stimulated a decent comment response. Bearing in mind where it was placed, there was not as much condemnation as I might have expected.


James D said...

It's slightly sad how great a proportion of the comments would in a previous era have been written in purple ink. Your article was of course spot-on: 2007 was a massive fiasco, and everyone (and ironically especially Plaid) lost. I do sincerely hope that if there is a hung parliament, whichever party is short is only short by the number of Plaid, SNP, and Northern Irish MPs: that's still a pretty bad situation, but it is at least workable temporarily.

Tcoah said...

I liked the last sentence "Be warned." (About being a bedfellow with the Lib-Dems.)

The strongest argument by far for not voting for the Lib-Dems - voting for them could lead to a disaster beyond measure. A country hung tied and unable to react decisively in desperately difficult times could move “substantially” closer to losing its AAA credit rating spelling yet more misery and more economic woes.

Let's not vote Lib-Dem.

Glyn Davies said...

James - I suppose it would be better if there were alternatives to the Lib Dems, which 4 votes short of an overall majority would deliver. It would of course bring the Irish Parties into the equation.

Tcoah - I really cannot understand why popular support for a hung parliament seems to be growing. All the points you make are valid.

Anonymous said...

Surely the strongest argument for not voting the Lib Dems is Lembit Opik?