Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Motgomeryshire Deserves Better'

I fear that this blog may become a bit intermittent over the next five weeks. There's so much going on - and if I have any spare time at all, I'll need to spend it preparing the garden for the summer. We sold 'A garden visit and champagne tea for 20' at Friday night's 'Promise Auction'. Actually, it was the launch of my campaign to become Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire. The promise auction was just a way of raising some money to pay for leaflets, etc. at the same time. The launch was a thundering success.
Now. we tried to make it more a social than a political occasion. There was not even any stipulation that only Conservative supporters could attend. You can see from this photograph, which was arranged as a bit of an afterthought, that we are all looking quite jolly. There were over 100 there, with lots of balloons, and Nick Bourne came along to tell everyone what a fine Assembly Member I'd been - and what a fine MP I would be. Must admit it was great listening to this stuff - Nick eulogising about my ability, and Aled (who doesn't do effusive) joining in. I wish I'd taken a tape recorder. It'll probably never happen again.
I was last on, when everyone was in very good humour. Normally, I don't go in for bashing my opponents, but I admit to veering a touch in that direction. Well, it was the launch of my election campaign - and Russell had instructed me to 'enthuse' everyone with an 'inspirational' speech. I think it quite amused Mrs D, especially when I invited everyone to "walk with me to deliver the change Montgomeryshire deserves". Don't think I became too carried away. Our campaign message is 'Montgomeryshire Deserves Better'. And my main promise is to be a 'committed and full-time MP'. From this you can probably deduce the drift of what I said - with feeling, but without venom. At least I've found time to blog on this.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Montgomeryshire Certainly Deserves Better ... good luck in the upcoming election!

ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

I'm glad your campaign launch went well. Sorry I was unable to attend, but I'm glad you have started moving over to the offensive (having your own Saatchi moment). Long may it continue..... because Montgomeryshire does deserve better!

Anonymous said...

If I'd known about the launch, I would have come all the way from Brecon, so strongly do I feel about Lembit Opik's abuses of the system, not to mention his revolting obsession with publicising himself. There he was on that silly Scooter thing in the papers last week. How important is that as an issue to us folk in rural communities? Montgomeryshire deserves much much much better

Manvelanderson said...

If I'd known about the launch, I would have come all the way from Bagshot. Best wishes for Future!