Monday, March 29, 2010

Conservative's Welsh bridge team strengthened.

I've just heard the news that the former Labour MP and Deputy Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, John Marek has joined the Conservative Party. I knew there was something in the air today - having had notice yesterday that Cheryl Gillan and Nick Bourne are to hold a joint press release today. And the media had been sniffing around, with delphic references to 'fence-jumping' - looking for someone to spill the beans early I suppose.

John is as astute a political operator as you'll find anywhere. Until he joined us, I used to describe him as 'cunning' - but in future I'd better use the term 'astute'. We have seen a lot of each other over the last two years. He had joined the Advisory Board of an international care provider that I chaired. John Marek is a good man. "Welcome Aboard".


Anonymous said...

Good for him. Almost tempted to join myself, almost.

Anonymous said...

An alternative view might be that he led an obscure far-left party into the electoral doldrums and has an unimpressive political history!

Anonymous said...

He left Labour because it had moved too far to the right.
His record is not one of stability,why are the Tories picking up these rejects
Not good for your image Glyn