Friday, March 12, 2010

Battle of the slogans.

So we now know the campaign slogans under which the main parties will fight the General Election.

Labour's slogan is "A fairer future for all".
Our slogan is "Vote for change".

And now we have the Lib Dem offering - an amalgam of the other two; "Change that works for you. Building a better future." That's more of an essay than a slogan. Looks a bit as if they couldn't think of anything, so just joined up the slogans of their opponents. Perhaps they'll change their emblem to a yellow bird in a green tree chewing on a red rose. Should have asked that new porn film director, Anna Arrowsmith that they've just selected in Gravesham. She'd have come up with something more original.

My own personal slogan is "Montgomeryshire Deserves Better". I thought it was a bit aggressive, but everyone else in the office liked it. Not at all sure these things make much difference though.


bed123 said...

Having read about the Lib Dem porn candidate. She sounds like an unprincipled, two faced, shallow, self-centred, porn addicted liar. Should fit in well with either Lib Dems or Labour then. Is Lembit sponsoring her?

Anonymous said...

By God, Montgomeryshire deserves better. And so say all of us! Have you seen the betting odds for Mont today on Political V v interesting

Glyn Davies said...

bed123 - I too find her an odd choice. I suppose some believe it does not matter than she is a porn film director (and supposedly a good one) but I do. She may well be an effective politician, who would be a competent MP - but I think she brings public mockery down on the constituency of Gravesham.

Anon - No I have not seen any odds - and would be surprised if they make me anything but second favourite - perhaps 9/4. Mrs D put a pound or two on at something like that.

Anonymous said...

Opik 2/5, you 11/4. Incredible odds all considered. Do they have local knowledge to have given LO such odds?
Btw, the porn candidate is someone LO knows well. He worked with her in Manchester on a campaign to promote sex toys for 16yr olds and that resulted in one or two of the Lib ladies locally threatning to leave the party. Why are we not surprised?!

Anonymous said...
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Tcoah said...

What is amazing about the ex-porn director and PPC for the Lib-Dems is what the Lib-Dem porn candidate said (from memory): "The Lib-Dem party will accept me". (I can't look up the exact quote because I don't want to coincidently read who is winning the F1 race - want it watch it later).

But F1 is somewhat instructive here. Would it be the Lib-Dem view is that it is fine with them to win in a car covered in Durex adverts and sex toys? If one considers the Lib-Dem porn candidate one could so argue.

It's a bit sad to see the Lib-Dem party come to this - the Liberal Party behind a porn candidate. Then again, the Lib-Dems in Cardiff are behind keeping over a million tons of water behind an earth dam above a school and hundreds of houses.

Don't they remember Aberfan?

Tcoah ("The City on a Hill" - not a reservoir with 1.5 million tons of water atop a hill).

Anonymous said...

LibDems - the Labour Party's sexual think-tank and test laboratory....

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