Monday, December 07, 2009

Parti Cut Lloi

Been to a concert today. It was held at Welshpool Livestock Market, at 2.00 this afternoon. There were probably 200 members of the local farming community there. S4/C were filming for Wedi Saith, and Dai Llanilar did the introduction - the sort that only Dai can do. I cannot look at him now without thinking of the programme he presented from a hot tub.

The entertainment was Parti Cut Lloi, 18 men of the Dyffryn Banw soil, led by the very feminine Sian James, harpist and singer of renown. They sing in the 'Plygain' tradition. I have an interest in this group, in that a few of them are 'family' - including Sian. Alun was in his suit, straight from his legal firm office, while most were in their normal livestock marketing clothes. If my Taid Coedtalog, or Uncle Wat Penparc were alive today, they would probably have been there. It was half an hour's splendid entertainment.

So if you see a Parti Cut Lloi concert advertised, buy a ticket. You'll enjoy it. Or buy the CD they were promoting today - 'Y Dyn Bach Bach'. If you want to buy the CD, email . Parti Cut Lloi translates to Calf's Kit Party, and Dyn Bach Bach translates to 'Little, Little Man'.

UPDATE - I'm informed in comments that Parti Cut Lloi translates into Calves Shed Party. I should add that I may have been wrong, but not because I translated incorrectly. I thought the word 'kit was an English Language synonym for 'shed'. That's how I, and everyone who worked for me on the farm always used it. It could be one of those things that established itself in my mind when I was very young.


Anonymous said...

i was there as well. they were excellent. well done to them all

Rhys said...

Parti Cut Lloi actually translates to Calf Shed Party!

Anonymous said...

Annwyl Glyn,
'Cut' yw 'shed' yn Saesneg; felly'r cyfiethiad fyddai 'Calves Shed Party'

Glyn Davies said...

Anons - Diolch. I could be a bit confused here. While I was farming we always referred to the building in which calves were kept as the 'Calves Kit'. Perhaps my father, who spoke Welsh fluently was referring to the 'Calves Cut'. I always thought that 'Kit' was a synonym for 'Cut'. Anyway, I've updated the post to ensure its accurate.

Anonymous said...

where i come from its a Cwt, not a Cut. Cwt Bach is small shed, Cwt LLoi is calves shed, Cwt Moch pig sty, and of course Cwt Glo - coal shed !! but I am a Gog !! The only Cut i can recall is the shortend from of Gytgan on sheet music - meaning chorus.