Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Incredible! They still just do not get it.

I'm not a man given to apoplexy. In my youth, yes, but now I invariably take a considered view of things. Where I disagree, I try to acknowledge the genuineness of counter-argument (where it exists that is). But reading this article in this morning's Times has left me nail-spittingly apoplectic. After all that has happened, how on earth can our MPs contemplate the continuation of the 'Communications Allowance'. This despicable imposition on the taxpayer has one purpose only. It's using Taxpayer's money to fund the re-election campaigns of incumbent MPs. It seems that they may even be allowed to use it between now and the General Election. Its breath taking in its contempt for democracy, or even simple decency. Have they learned nothing?

The Communications Allowance has provided the MP that I'm challenging at the next Election with an annual £10,000 pot of money to print and post out leaflets to electors, telling them what a fine fellow he is. Its straight forward electioneering - and I'm paying for it through my taxes. Two leaflets, professionally produced have been distributed around Montgomeryshire over the last few weeks - one of them being posted out when the MP concerned was on a six day Cunard liner luxury 'freebie' cruise around the Mediterranean while all of his constituents thought he was working on their behalf in Westminster. This was an outrage. No, it was two outrages rolled into one. Normally, I just let these things wash over me, but no reference was made to it in our widely read local weekly. He gets away with it, because the people that voted for him do not know - and they do not know because the newspaper they read chooses not to tell them. OK, so it doesn't make a lot of difference, but at least I can tell you. And anyway, it makes me feel better sounding off to my visitors.


Anonymous said...

Challenge him to open debate on his cash stash Glyn

Anonymous said...

But the people of Mont STILL won't know about it unless YOU point it out to them!
A blog, not read by 99% of them, is less tham useless. You should be shouting this latest blatant p**s take from LO from the rooftops of the county so beloved by your good self.
He was also recently exposed for renting out his flat whilst living rent free with his girlfriend. No doubt your pathetic excuse for a local paper will also avoid publishing that particular story. No doubt you will refrain from telling the poor Mont constituents about it.
Lembit Opik has put two fingers up to people in Mid Wales for a good couple of years now and yet he gets away with it. It amazes me that he continues to get away with it, when I would argue that you, Glyn Davies, as well as your local newspaper, have a moral obligation to put a stop to it.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - Thats a role for the media, and its why the media are so important to democracy.

Anon - And how do you propose I should "point it out to them" as you put it. Fewer people would hear shouts from a rooftop than read this blog, which I try to make a source of information. Many people do read of these stories in the nationals, but unless they demand local discussion of them as well, I accept thaat they will not have the warranted publicity locally. The more 'noises off' issues there are involving the incumbunt MP, the more I intend to concentrate on issues that matter to the people of Montgomeryshire.

Anonymous said...

r u telling us that u wouldnt be the same glyn

bathmate said...

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Glyn Davies said...

Anon - That is exactly what I'm telling you. I have always considered the Communications Allowance to be immoral, and have long maintained that I wouldn't touch it.

Bathgate - Yours is a most complimentary comment. I try to write in a way that readers find easy to engage with - sacrificing grammer and sometimes justification, in the interests of readability.

makylsi said...

"Bathgate - Yours is a most complimentary comment. I try to write in a way that readers find easy to engage with - sacrificing grammer and sometimes justification, in the interests of readability."

That's some human-bot spam posting. 'Not a complimentary comment as we know it Jim.'

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