Sunday, December 13, 2009

AWOL Again

Following the media fuss about our Montgomeryshire MP swanning off on an expenses paid Mediterranean cruise for six days in early December, when we all assumed he was representing us in the House of Commons, thought I'd let you have sight of another email sent to me by a disgruntled constituent. It reads;

"I have lived in the Montgomeryshire area for nearly 40 years, and have been keenly interested in the difficulties of Internet access and broadband speed when it was introduced in Mid Wales several years ago. I live in ********** and have to use it everyday for my work in the ******industry, as do other businesses and households.

I happened to tune into the BBC Parliament channel, using the new Freeview access that has just been introduced. It was a live TV broadcast of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee - Oral Evidence Session - Broadband Speed.

Lembit Opik is a member of this committee, which is chaired by Peter Luff MP.

The Group Strategy Director of British Telecom, Dr Tim Whitely of British Telecom was giving evidence regarding broadband speed. He told the other 8 members of the Committee who were there; "Mr Opik isn't here, but the worst area is in his own constituency of Montgomeryshire."

The question I asked myself is where on earth was he? If he can't be bothered to attend a Select Committee Meeting on broadband speed, which is such an important issue currently affecting the people he is representing in Montgomeryshire, what good is he to this area.

I was furious to discover by accident this example of his double standards."

Just thought I'd pass it on. I do receive emails of this sort, and don't pay great attention to them. Sometimes things happen to disrupt the best laid plans. But after learning about the cruise, I think they have more relevance.

UPDATE - received another email from someone who looks at these things, informing that the attendance record is 11 out of 36. This blog strives to be fair and accurate.


Anonymous said...

Does this excuse for an MP have a death wish? He seems to be going out of his way to upset the people of Montgomeryshire. I do hope, Glyn, that you will draw the attention of the County Times to this latest LO car-crash. The man is a disgrace and the sooner he's ousted, the better.

CVaughan said...

Glyn - Our esteemed MP has been busy sending out personal letters saying how hard he is working for Machynlleth and how he is not against Tesco coming to Machynlleth. How hypocritical when not many weeks ago he was urging people to sign a petition to keep Tesco out!!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I see that the County Times used this post as its 'Blog of the Week'. Its not the post I would have chosen, but at least it looks as if I'm ebing rather more 'ungentlemanly'.

CVaughan - If its like the letter I've seen going out in the Welshpool area, its paid for by the Communications Allowance - which really is a disgrace. I daresay MPs of all parties are doing it, but its wrong and a clear demonstration that they have no idea how much the public are outraged by the 'expenses' scandal. The Communications Allowance is banned from now on, and it really is outrageous that the money left in the 'pot' is being spent in a rush before its use is banned.