Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Choosing a Cabinet.

As touring the blogosphere tonight, I note that Carwyn Jones is having lots of advice about who to appoint to his first Cabinet. So I don't see why I shouldn't join in - at least in general terms. The first requirement will be for the new Leader to put his stamp on things by springing a surprise or two - but not easy when you think about it. He will also have to disappoint someone that's seen as his friend. Successful leaders have to be seen as tough, and willing to take decisions that are not welcome in their own kitchen. I'm assuming that Plaid Ministers will all stay put.

Some long standing Ministers will probably be asked to leave the Cabinet, if they haven't decided to go anyway. I'd expect Andrew Davies, Jane Hutt and Brian Gibbons to fall into this category - and maybe the retiring Jane Davidson (but Carwyn may feel he cannot afford to lose her and say that she's going in the summer - dangling a carrot in front of Deputy Ministers). He will probably bring in his campaign manager and leadership opponents, though he might be tempted to offer Huw no more than a Deputy role. (Probably not though). Everyone expects promotion for best mate, John Griffiths - but this could be where Carwyn demonstrates his ruthless side! (But again, probably not). Maybe he'll repeatt he trick of an AM as Counsel General. This would leave room for the splendid Carl Sargeant, as a nod in the direction of North Wales. I should also make reference to Carl's outstanding ability - or I'll have Aneurin Glyndwr targeting me.

Beyond the above, he must do something 'different' to make a mark - so everyone else will come from the backbenches - and I just do not know the AMs elected in 2007 well enough. Perhaps he will just go for Lesley Griffiths or the media ever present Alun Davies, but if he does, its all so predictable. He's got to come up with something to surprise us - Carl as Minister for Sport perhaps. Perhaps Jane Davidson will have to go after all. Only problem with all this is that its so predictable. Go on, surprise us First Minister (elect). Surely there'll be one surprise.


Anonymous said...

Counsel General post will be interesting given the lack of choice. If it's the obvious there will be a lack of respect from legal circles. He really needs to go for a non AM, unlike RM.

All the best to him, and Wales.


brutba said...

So is the new leader of the Welsh Labour Party going to fix the terrible Welsh economy (25% below the UK GVA average)?

What about the lack of commercial R&D?

The absolutely pathetic patent filing rate? The lack of Welsh universities in the world's top 100 (THES) – Wales has none while Scotland has three universities in the top 100 (Glasgow, Edinburgh and if memory serves: St. Andrews) – Cardiff University has dropped over 30 places in the world-rankings taking it well outside the top 100 ranked universities (THES).

What is the new leader going to do about the situation wherein former Third World universities are running rings around Welsh universities in terms of protecting their intellectual property for the benefit of their nations?

What is the new leader going to do about the pathetic situation where a foreign university that lacks an engineering faculty and has fewer students than Cardiff University yet has more registered patents than all of the universities in Wales combined?

What is the new leader going to do about converting one or more Welsh universities into Welsh versions of MIT?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Perhaps he can continue in the role himself. I don't know what the Goverment of Wales Act says about this.

Brutba - Personally, He won't have to do much to be better than Rhodri Morgan - who was a very popular politician with a very poor record of acheivement. Lets hope Carwyn Jones turns out to be more focussed on delivering where it matters.