Monday, December 14, 2009

Our New Tenant

A new tenant has moved onto the pond in our garden. He or she (does anyone know how to tell) has been with us for about a fortnight. Its a spectacularly beautiful bird - and cheeky too. Last week it suddenly appeared in the walled garden attached to the converted barn opposite our house, staring in through the window, hissing at daughter-in-law, Adrienne, who happened to be inside at the time. Two swans did visit the pond in March. Looked as if they were thinking about nesting, but must have found somewhere better. At the time, despite our excitement, we were unsure about whether we wanted them to stay - not knowing whether this would mean that the family of Canada Geese which have moved in to nest every spring since we created the pond would be banished. Something else you ornithologists would know. Perhaps we'll find out ourselves next March.


bonetired said...

Don't bother with the goose or turkey this year !!!

whousl said...

Canada geese are a common sight in the USA - I guess they migrate down from Canada in the winter, but locals sometimes feed them so they stay put. Their messy stuff is of course full of salmonella.

Glyn Davies said...

bonetired - Ordered the 20 lb turkey today.

Whous - Must admit that the Canada's are very dirty, short-hold tenants. The goslings hatch around May 1st, and fly away, fully fledged adults in mid-July. All they do for the 10 weeks is eat non-stop all day and c*** everywhere. But we love them just the same, salmonella or not.

weludg said...

Just keep the wee one's away from the mess ... the wee ones being more vulnerable to body fluids loss compared to grown ups.

Anonymous said...

Cooking instructions for a Canadian Goose:

Place Goose in oven along side a house brick, at gas mk 9

Periodically test for tenderness with skewer, when the housebrick is tender, Goose is ready!