Friday, November 06, 2009

Will Lloyd Williams MBE.

Will is a man with a pen. He's never without it - or a piece of paper upon which to write down an order from whoever he might meet - a turkey, or faggots, or some bones for the dog. (not sure whether today's health and safety laws allow this now). Today, Will went to Buckingham Palace to collect his 'gong' and his pen was at the ready. He knows that nothing but the best will do for Her Majesty, and that's what he sells. Just imagine is she had wanted to order a leg of lamb, and Will had left his pen at home! He'd never have forgiven himself.

Will Lloyd Williams' butcher's shop is the heart of Machynlleth. Along with Dai Wyn Davies' table at the Bowling Club, it serves the same purpose as the Parthenon did in Ancient Athens. You see, Will and Dai are philosophers as well. If I want to know what the people of Machynlleth think, I telephone Will and Dai, and County Councillor Michael Williams to ask. I told a few people in Welshpool about this practice of mine today. Tesco was under discussion - because of the opening of the new Livestock Market, which creates a site on which Tesco will be building one of its environmental stores (to be open for business by next July). There has been a bit of a disagreement about the benefit or otherwise that a similar environmental Tesco will bring to Machynlleth. The S4C programme, Y Byd ar Bedwar was being recorded to go out next week in Welshpool today. The opposition in Machynlleth has been led by the environmentalist, George Monbiot and the local MP, Lembit Opik. But my three 'advisors' told me that the vast majority of Machynlleth people are in favour. And now Will has an MBE as well. How can I do anything else but take notice of these three wise men. I hope S4C spoke to them as well.

Anyway, its hearty congratulations to Will. He has worked very hard to build a family run abattoir and shop in Machynlleth. He's also put a huge amount of voluntary effort into the town. He is a great man - just the sort of man I imagine Owain Glyndwr to have been. And he set up his Parliament just a few yards from Will's shop. This was one occasion when the award went to someone who truly deserved it - and Will should write than down with his pen. Because I'm not usually so complimentary.

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CVaughan said...

Machynlleth is justly proud of Will. He has the interests of Mach at heart in everything he does and yes he does a huge amount of voluntary work which largely goes unnoticed but is greatly appreciated.