Thursday, November 05, 2009

Are we going to see a huge change in Welsh politics tomorrow?

I do not know what David Cameron is going to say about a Conservative Government's response to a request from the National Assembly for Wales that a referendum be held to grant law making powers to Cardiff Bay in all currently devolved areas. But I have read this blog post from Betsan Powys. Irritating for me to see her speculate in this way. I've just turned down the chance to discuss the issue on Good Morning Wales because I feel I should wait to hear what David actually says. Appearances on GMW are prized by me. I did talk to the outstanding David Williamson of the Western Mail though. He's prized as well.

But its worth you reading the post - and the comments. Churlish or what. For thirty months, we've watched the Coalition partners prevaricate and obfuscate. We've watched Peter Hain, the Labour Secretary of State for Wales determinedly oppose a referendum before 2011. I've sat on a panel with the Leader of Plaid Cymru when he said that there was no point in him telling us whether he was going to ask for the referendum unless David Cameron agreed beforehand to approve it. We all know that the reason Ieuan Wyn Jones gave to activists in justification for his decision to prop up Labour in office in 1997 was commitment to hold this referendum. Oh, how they've mocked.

I repeat, I do not know what David will say tomorrow. But if she's right, the whole dynamic of Welsh politics is changed. I'm going to book a posh restaurant for tomorrow night - just in case.


Valleys Mam said...

I hope he says yes, there is no reason for him not to. It wouldn't be a threat would it.
I am not sure how Nick Bourne and Cheryl Gillian sit on this one and if they would influence his decision or not.
If he wants to get some good press ,this is one way he could.

Penddu said...

I hope you are right Glyn - The reason I have never voted Conservative in my life, despite agreeing with most (but not all)of their economic policies, is because of their anti-Welsh stance.

Maybe I will hear something persuasive tommorrow

Daran said...

For David Cameron not to agree to let the people decide - whether he announces that tomorrow or on another date - would be a huge reversal of political direction.

Conservative policy in recent years on this issue has been based on popular consent, manifest in such ideas as a preferendum. Even back in 1997 the Conservative attitude was to trust the population, albeit to vote No in a referendum.

The shock to me would be if the Conservatives did not commit to letting the people decide once more. The big change is that so many senior Conservatives will, like yourself presumably Glyn, find themselves in the Yes camp. That is the real change in Conservative position.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - If he informs us that there will be no veto on a request from the National Assembly for Wales for a referendum, I will be very pleased. I always thought this is what our manifesto would say. Not sure what Labour's will say. We know that Labour will veto if Peter Hain has his way. I fully expect Nick and Cheryl to back David if he does say 'no veto'.

Penddu - Not sure whether we are acceptable to you. Hope so. If there is a referendum, I would expect Conservatives to be calling for a yes and a No.

Daran - Agreed, and you are correct about what is likely to be my opinion. But I do think it would be a big, big issue if David promised 'no veto' tomorrow. Peter Hain is opposing a referendum, while his Conservative opponent may well be supporting one. Ironic or what!

rearoca said...

Iran 'Tested Advanced Nuclear Warhead Design' (today’s Telegraph 06 Nov 2009)

Well, well. As pointed out by Tcoah a while ago (perhaps on Glyn Davies’s blog) – that Iran had tested aspects of an advanced nuke warhead design – the Telegraph has finally caught up with Tcoah:

“The United Nations nuclear watchdog has demanded that Iran explain evidence indicating that its scientists have experimented with the design of an advanced nuclear warhead, it emerged last night.”

The reality is, advanced nuke warhead designs were found on computer hardware drives some time ago – copies of which were placed in the hands of Iranian nuke warhead scientists some time ago and based on these Iranian nuke scientists/engineers ran, inter alia, computer simulations of the advanced implosion device for detonating a reduced size nuke warhead (the smaller the nuke, the more advanced the nuke).

Penddu said...

Glyn, I do not see myself becoming a Conservative supporter, but I am considering lending them my vote in Cardiff South at the next GE. That will be a political first for me, and is something I could never have even contemplated until a few years ago.