Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back at the keyboard.

Been away so long that it feels like starting to blog all over again. Arrived Holyhead late Sunday, after a week in Ireland. Spent four days in Cork and three in Dublin. Distance between these two cities in now a bit over 2 hours. Last time I was in the Emerald Isle for a few days, it was more like 4 hours. The investment in roads is amazing. It was my first drive through the new tunnel under Dublin - from the M50/ring road directly to Dublin Port. No wonder the Irish are so wedded to the European Union!

Failed to make it to my computer on Monday as well. Too much on. Party lunch in Meifod Village Hall, where the I was a speaker, alongside the world renowned Welsh Cob breeder and fuel protest leader, Brynle Williams, A.M. And then a dash for the train at Wolverhampton, en-route to a dinner in the House of Commons. As walking through the 'Great Hall' into the centre of the Palace of Westminster, I met Lembit Opik walking out. Hmmmm.

Dinner in Dining Room B was hosted by Lord Freeman. Discussion leader was Stephen O'Brien, Shadow Minister for Health. Subject under discussion was care of the elderly, with a particular emphasis on dementia. The more time I spend on this issue, the greater seems the gap (chasm) between 'need' and capacity to satisfy it. If I were ever to become an MP, care of the elderly would become one of my major interests. Stephen outlined Conservative ideas about setting up a scheme where individuals can buy entitlement to free long term care, if and when it becomes necessary, through committing a lump sum - I suppose its a sort of insurance scheme. Can't say more. Chatham House rules.

Managed to catch the 22.43 back to Wolverhampton. Must be the slowest train on the track. The 'voice' kept informing us that there were freight trains holding us up. Why is it that I never believe anything that's delivered by tannoy. I reckon Virgin was just saving fuel. Usual drunks on board, swearing for all of our benefits. Arrived home at 03.00. Too knackered to blog. Probably make up for it tonight.


Anonymous said...

love the symbolism of LO walking out and you boldly striding in to the HoC ! And so say all of us !!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - When I said I was sizing the place up, Lembit pointed down the the corridor to where the red benhes are. Battle of the senses of humour it was.