Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Annual Newtown Santa Run.

These two fine figures of men are dressed up and ready to head off to join today's Santa Run around Newtown. In case you're wondering, that's a turkey on No 3 son, Tim's head. You should also note that he's a tall man, which is why my 5' 10" looks a bit stumpy.
I was expecting today to be a 'trial run' for the General Election campaign in Montgomeryshire. I'd been told that both Heledd Fychan (Plaid Cymru) and Lembit Opik (Lib Dem) were running as well as me. You can see that I've been warming up. I was feeling a bit tense, because I've been suffering a bit of ankle trouble, and wasn't sure how it would go. Didn't want to be beaten by either of them. Anyway the ankle survived OK. But I needn't have worried. Didn't see Heledd anywhere, (I must have been misinformed) and the MP was only there for the start. I was told he'd cried off with a sore throat. Don't know why he didn't do the same as last year, and just ride around on his Segway!
It was nothing like as successful an event as in the past, when over 4,000 Santas have been known to run. I believe everything went off quietly this year, with no repetition of the street brawl a few years ago when several Santas were arrested for trying to knock six Xmas bells out of each other. This story reached across the world. It was an incident that greatly worried the organisers at the time, but I was never sure that the sheer ridiculousness of the imagery didn't counter any negativity - especially as the name of the police spokesman was Inspector Slaymaker. Whatever, the weather was kind and Tim and I had an enjoyable run around Newtown. I hope its organised again next year.


Anonymous said...

According to Heledd's blog she was moving house yesterday, so all things considered you weren't just the front runner but the only clear candidate on the Santa stakes.

Anonymous said...

Do let's hope tha the fact the other candidates were not visible is a symbol of the way things will go with the GE in May. My vote is now yours, following the fiasco of the highly deceptive Montgomeryshire Times last month. That on top of LO's behaviour has done it for me

Dr John said...

The Turkey hat was a real hit with those of us that also ran in 2009. Not many there but it was a really fun day and just about perfect running conditions.

I think the Newtown Santa Run has suffered from the competition from other UK Santa Runs - there must be at least 50 across the UK this year.

I am doing Telford this Sunday - ho,ho,ho

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I accept my hollow victory. But because of my ankle I was there for the taking this year.

Dr John - Perhaps the answer is to have a 'Turkey Hat Run' instead.

Anon - Personally I thought the leaflet paid for by the Communications Allowance was worse. The 'Montgomeryshire Mail' was an attempt to deceive, while the other was two fingers up to Sir Christopher Kelly and a message that no lesson has been learned from 'Expensesgate'.