Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Lisbon Treaty.

Over the years I've trained myself not to be wound up by those who set out to antagonise me. My teenage response to provocation would not be considered appropriate for a mature aspiring MP. Must admit it was quite satisfying though. Anyway, all this rubbish being printed about David Cameron supposedly 'reneging' on a promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is winding me up a bit. I wouldn't use the front page of today's Telegraph for chip paper. I can think of one appropriate use for it though - except that I'm an ostomate.

It isn't David Cameron who has 'reneged'. It was Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg who did that. Until Vaclav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty today, Conservative policy was to hold a referendum - which would almost certainly have resulted in a rejection, and demise of the Lisbon Treaty. Its because the policy of David Cameron was rock-solid, that there's been an orchestrated democracy-defying drive to ensure that the Treaty became EU law - before a General Election that the Conservatives may win. Now the Treaty's been signed off, what on earth is the point of holding a referendum. Like arguing about whether the stable door should have been bolted - after the horse has disappeared over the horizon.

Its what happens now that's interesting. The appalling way in which the EU undermines democracy, caring nought about democratic principles makes me more Eurosceptic by the day. I also think it has made the peoples of Europe more Eurosceptic. David Cameron will tell us what his phrase "not letting matters rest" means tomorrow. It could be a very significant statement for the future of our country.

I do find some of the comments of other politicians nauseating. I just do not know how Labour and Liberal Democrat spokesmen have the brass neck to criticise the Conservative position. They really are fit for anything - except to be taken seriously. With Ukip, my feelings are different. Its like when your best mate seduces your woman - when there are plenty of others available. This week's edition of our local County Times, here in Montgomeryshire, has a letter from the Ukip candidate at the next General Election, David Rowlands attacking the Conservatives. He's always attacking the Conservatives - despite his Conservative opponent (me) being 'Eurosceptic' and his other opponents being integrationist. National leader of Ukip, Nigel Farage is always doing the same. All of Ukip's efforts seem geared towards delivering the opposite of their avowed aims. I can report that just blogging on this issue is helping me to calm down. No need to resort to the direct action of teenage years after all.


alanindyfed said...

You are right in saying that there is no point in holding a referendum after the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified.
However, the best course of action is not to condemn anti-democratic procedures in the EU but to work within it actively, together with Danny Cohn-Bendit, to ensure they become more democratic.

WM's (unofficial) DC Washington News Guy said...

OK, a total aside = but Corzine (D) lost the governorship of NJ – UNBELIEVABLE

I thought the Democrats would at least keep NJ (New Jersey) in their court – BUT NO! They are OUT OUT.


President Ditherer has egg all over his face – and guess what: in my state (Virginia) it was WIPEOUT – the Democrats failed to win anything – they lost on everything including state Governor, Lieutenant Governor and State Attorney.

WIPEOUT ACROSS THE BOARD IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA – just one year ago Obama won the state of Virginia for the Democrats – but in just one year Virginians have rejected him – the size of the turnaround is just amazing.

I have talked to many Virginians today, and even drove my Welsh mother to vote in today’s elections – she voted for the Republicans across the board even though it was very hard on her – MUM VOTED! To be fair, I acted as my mother’s agent in her bid for United States citizenship – she was sworn in on Prosperity Avenue in Fairfax just a year ago – and today she VOTED!

She was so excited!

She did her bit to get the Marxists out of the White House – we are Welsh but live in Northern Virginia and we practically look out on the South Lawn of the White House.

I guess Rhodri Morgan’s ‘man in Washington’ President Ditherer is in for a VERY tough 2010 when every Representative in the House of Representatives (including far left Speaker Pelosi) will be up for re-election, along with one third of Senators.

With today’s across the board wipeout it is likely that next year (2010) team Obama will lose their super-majority in the Senate and take a beating in the House of Representatives.

President Obama wanted to impose European style big government on Americans and today, AMERICANS REJECTED BIG HIGH TAX GOVERNMENT.

Now we will see if team Obama engineers a crisis to disband Congress and do a Chavez on the opposition and TV stations that don’t fawn (Rhodri Morgan style) after Obama.

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - I accept David cameron's statement that our party's position should be put to the people at a General Election. I am not in favour of building an undemocratic superstate in Europe, and believe its been a serious mistake to pass the Lisbon Treaty into law. Government eventually derives its legitamacy from the people (at least in a civilised state) and without a big change in its contempt for the views of majorities, the EU will blow itself apart.

News Guy - Its amazing how quickly Obama is losing support. He's already being talked about as a Jimmy Carter figure - which is going too far in my opinion. But all the lights have turned to red. Lot of work for him to do.

Anonymous said...

If it was DC's hovering over a referendum that sped up the EU's push to get the treaty ratified, then why didn't DC say he would have a referendum regardless. The UK would almost certainly reject it and kill it, and so any EU machinations would have been pointless. We would have been free! Yes, the LibLab traitors DID betray us, but I feel that the Conservatives could have wielded the silver bullet, but chose to placate the Middle Ground this close to an election.

Glyn Davies said...

Roman - Conservative policy has been clear. We would have held a referendum if we could have - but Labour, aided and abetted by the Lib Dems ensured that we couldn't. Why criticism is directed at the Conservatives beats me.

alanindyfed said...

People who have their own agendas tend to criticise those
whose policies they oppose.

The answer is always to play it straight down the line -
so that there is no doubt about the comments of those they malign.