Sunday, November 08, 2009

Reflections on EU Policy.

Been reflecting on the weekend media's response to David Cameron's policy statement following the decision of the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus to complete the Lisbon Treaty's ratification process. Not sure what to think. Best column, in my opinion, was William Rees Mogg in the Mail on Sunday. Like me, he thinks the sheer deception which has been employed by the EU to avoid any sort of democratic approval for its 'constitutional' treaty has done great damage to the EU. People like me, who might have described themselves as 'moderately' Eurosceptic have been pushed into a deep suspicion of the whole EU enterprise. If the Conservatives do win the General Election, the UK will have a deeply Eurosceptic government. And Euroscepticism is going to gain ground across Europe.

I was very disappointed in Christopher Booker's article in the Telegraph. He states with authority 'Of course, David Cameron never wanted a referendum' etc.. He has no grounds for writing that sentence and for this reader has sacrificed his credibility. I cannot see how anyone can say that David did not want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. None of the leaders of the EU thought that, which is why they pulled every trick in the book to get it ratified before the Conservatives could stop it. A Conservative Government could never have reneged as Labour and the Liberal Democrats did - even if the leadership wanted to. Mr Booker has written bilge today.

The most encouraging article I've read has been written by Janet Daley in the Telegraph. They do not come much more Eurosceptic than she is, but she's a realist. She knows the difference between making a noise, and making a difference. Like many of us, she does not like our being denied a meaningful referendum, but unlike Ukip supporters, she puts the blame where it should properly be put - on Labour and the Lib Dems. Sometime over the next few days I want to post about integrity in politics - asking whether 'deception' is a legitimate strategy. A recent leaflet distributed by the Lib Dems in Montgomeryshire is a blatant attempt to deceive, which upset some of my supporters. "We stay out of the gutter", is my response. "The voters are not stupid and will see through the deception". And I do not think they are daft enough to go along with Ukip's strategy of preventing a Conservative Government being elected either. It just cannot make any sense to a genuine Eurosceptic. After reflection, I think I'm quite encouraged by the weekend's media.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it was the LibLab alliance that was the real treason........ but...... but..... Cameron still could have offered a referendum.... and we would be free of the EU by this time next year..... oh well.

arrho said...

It was the LibLab treason that led to the UK giving up the free-fall nuclear bombs - a cheap nuclear deterrent. Now all we hear is more double-speak from the Lib-Dem party that yeah, the support a nuclear deterrent but not Trident because it's just too expensive.

Iran has the plans for advanced nuclear warhead triggers in its possession - Iran can now build small nukes (in terms of dimensions) - advanced nukes that can be fitted to intermediate and long range ballistic missiles - they weigh just a few hundred pounds and can be man-handled onto the back seat of a car, but one or more could be fitted onto Iranian type 3 ballistic missiles - one of these has a payload of 1,000 pounds .. so can easily carry at least one small nuke warhead. With just one small nuke warhead the type 3 Iranian ballistic missile has the range to hit cities in Europe. Iran recently launched a package into low earth orbit - Iran's delivery systems are way ahead of North Korea.

Meanwhile, the Lib-Dems double speak is set to "disarm the UK" - complain about expensive delivery systems like Trident after supporting Labour in scrapping the far cheaper free fall nuclear weapons (which can be recalled - thus making them safer).

The Lib-Dems have a very low view of defense - one of their senior politicians even made fun of an injured soldier/airman - I think we all know who that was.