Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tomorrow's another day.

I'm depressed. Not clinically depressed, or anything like that. Just depressed in a bored, p***ed off sort of way. And its not just the weather. Its politics. Can't seem to make enough difference. Everyone I've talked to today in the political world has been bored witless. I'm told that even today's budget debate in the National Assembly for Wales was boring. Well, its not really a budget - more a spending plan. Then there's the prospect of tomorrow's utterly pointless Queen's Speech. For once I can see a sort of half-sense in a Nick Clegg proposal - when he suggests that HRH should take the day off. All she's going to be required to read is a list of Labour ideas for embarrassing the Conservative Opposition, rather than what would be beneficial for the government of Britain. But Clegg makes his proposal utterly ridiculous when he suggests that the current Parliament should "clean up politics once and for all" for the next six months' rather than enact proposals in a Queen's Speech. He just does not 'get it' that the current Parliament has lost all credibility, and its only a new Parliament, elected after the people have had their say that can do the 'cleaning up'. There will no closure on 'expensesgate' until a General Election has been held.

But wait. Sir Emyr Jones Parry is speaking tomorrow. He's going to tell Rhodri Morgan that he believes the time is right for Assembly Members to ask the UK Parliament to hold a referendum on granting full law making powers to the National Assembly in all devolved policy areas. He might even suggest one or two further policy areas should be devolved, though I hope he doesn't confuse the two principles. Any referendum question will be difficult enough to explain as it is. I suppose there will be a 'Statement' from the First Minister next week, and I guess a debate in the New Year. Though I hear whispers that the Lib Dems might use 'Minority debate' time before Xmas. Never ones to miss the chance for a gimmick. Whatever, the proper debate should be fun - now that David Cameron has said that any request for a referendum will not be vetoed by a Conservative Government. Nick Bourne must be salivating at the prospect. Funny how just writing a post can help the mists of depression to lift.

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catedle said...

U sound like people get in some of the older office buildings in Chicago when the 'weather changes' - from summer to autumn and the a/c 'goes off' until the 'heating goes on'. The great 'switch-over'. I learnt that 'still time' was a bit off-putting on one's senses. Not hot or cold but 'still'.

One reason I switched to a building with more modern a/c - you can set it to blow hot or cold no matter what time of year it is. Doesn't Revelation Have something to say about that? Hot nor Cold ... uhhhh