Sunday, December 07, 2008

Selina Scott

Probably clumping my feet on politically correct toes here, but I rate Selina Scott as a seriously attractive woman. She was also a very good news presenter, who didn't stoop to as puerile giggly nonsense as is dished up on Breakfast TV today. Ms Scott is 57 years old. Still in the bloom of womanhood in my opinion - but too old according to Channel 5, who reneged on a contract with her to stand in for Natasha Kaplinski, who is going to be otherwise occupied having a baby. It seems that Five preferred the 28 year old Isla Traquair instead. So Selina Scott sued them, and its thought that compensation of £250,000 has been paid. I'm just sorry the case isn't going to an employment tribunal, where Five would be required to answer for its disgraceful age discrimination and prejudice in public.

This is one area of law that I support - and before you cite recently developed personal interest, it always has been. I well recall arguing about a retirement age for councillors - as if youth was in some way a virtue. My neighbour, the late Sydney Pritchard was the best councillor I ever worked with, well into his eighties.

Insurance companies are the worst offenders. I still resent my ejection from the Wales political rugby team. I was the captain until I lost my Assembly seat - and 'guested' in the bloodbath against the Italians afterwards, when the referee was forced to blow the final whistle early to avoid a diplomatic incident. But then the team became affiliated to the Welsh Rugby Union. This resulted in a ban on anyone over the age of 55 playing. It seems that it was a stipulation of some stupid insurance company. I don't think that this discriminatory rule applies to the Westminster team.

Anyway, my regard for Selina Scott has risen even higher than it was.


P_Man said...

Well Glyn, my law firm would hire Selina Scott at the drop of a hat, all 57 years of her! Borrowing recent wordage from the Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, perhaps I am being a bit over descriptive - but I don't think Selina Scott would want to work at my law firm, we simply couldn't meet her likely salary expectations. Then there would be the issue of work permits, visa issues, and 'all the rest of it', but hang on, unlike you Glyn I am single, I could marry Selina Scott and then she would enjoy automatic work rights here - she would get a Green Card through marriage. Sadly though I fear Ms. Scott has no intentions of marrying this Welsh-American. For starters she hasn't met me, but boy would I marry her at a drop of a hat. What honest single male would turn down such an opportunity if it came along? Heaven's doors, I would be happy if she stayed with me for the time it takes to get to Tulsa ('... 24 hours to Tulsa')!

Frank H Little said...

Yes, a good news anchor who should have settled for that position in a TV career. IMO, she didn't quite cut it as a TV journalist, sadly.

Anonymous said...

It seems that men can go on forever (on TV and radio) but not women. Very strange state of affairs which needs to be changed.

Pigeon Man said...

In the USA it is quite common to see older people (of both sexes) anchoring or co-hosting major news and/or TV shows. Take Barbara Walters (in her 80s) - she heads up "The View", a show with very high TV ratings.

It seems in the UK there is a curious youth thing going on in the media, which is especially wrong given the amount of public money involved in making many UK shows and TV programs.

Glyn Davies said...

P man - calm down.

Frank - How could you?

Dalesman - My view too. Not relevant, but I reckon maturity enhances a woman's attraction.

Pigeon man - I do so agree.