Monday, December 22, 2008

Kevin's Story

I suppose this could be called a 'promotional' post, on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions. Its about an initiative called 'Employ Ability' - a scheme to provide meaningful employment for those who suffer from a long term disability of some sort. I'll even include the web site -

Kevin Gordon works for Makefast Ltd, in Newtown Montgomeryshire. He lost the sight of his left eye when he was a teenager. So when he was diagnosed with angioid streaks in his right eye, he knew he would not be able to carry on working as a press setter.

Now, Kevin has over 20 years experience, and Makefast managers didn't want to lose him. So they promoted him to a role where he helps other colleagues develop their skills. They also purchased a range of magnifiers and other equipment to help Kevin do his job. Makefast's Ltd's production engineer and Manager, Mike Mills (who is well known in Montgomeryshire circles because of his public work in the town of Montgomery) says

"Kevin is a long term employee who has years of experience that we did not want to throw away"

The DWP have used Kevin's Story as part of its national promotion of 'Employ Ability'. I've published it on my blog, hoping that Montgomeryshire's local newspapers will give publicity to it.

My comment is that "I'm proud that a Montgomeryshire business has made such a thoughtful and constructive response to a long term health problem of one of its valued workers. I hope that the publicity that this has generated will inspire other businesses to take the same enlightened approach if confronted with similar circumstances.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

This is the kind of stuff that builds community spirit.

When we see others as human beings what a better world we will be living in.

Glyn Davies said...

Well said Christopher. Makefast Ltd won the Jobcentre Plus Diversity Award.

ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

All power to that company. They seem a great employer - hope they survive and thrive!

Glyn Davies said...

They have been in Newtown for many years now, employ getting on for 40 people, and make fasteners and equipment for motor boats. Despite the recession, I think the company is doing ok.