Monday, December 22, 2008

Agreeing with his Lordship - again.

I can never understand why there's excitement when a politician states what is blindingly obvious. I'm just catching up on today's papers, and the Western Mail is making a big deal of Lord Elis Thomas' opinion that there should not be a referendum on law making powers for the National Assembly until after the next Assembly election. There's less chance of this happening than there is of Brynle Williams winning the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. And that's how its been for the last twelve months. When the Plaid Cymru/Labour Coalition was created, I did think for a few short months that it was on, but rampant inertia gripped the preparation process almost from the start, and killed the idea stone dead. The only thing left to decide is who knew this was a stitch-up from the start - or was it just Plaid activists who were stitched up? Whatever, and not for the first time, I agree with Dafydd El. A pre-2011 referendum can now be declared a deceased duck.

I also agree with the Presiding Officer than there should be a big opinion poll lead for law making powers before any referendum is held. Since I accepted the wafer-thin result in favour of establishing a National Assembly in the 1997 referendum, I have supported the case for full law making powers in devolved subject areas - but only if the people of Wales are genuinely in support. At present I see support for granting more power to the Assembly as going backwards. Since the last Assembly Election, there has been a shocking lack of leadership, as Rhodri Morgan freewheels ever so gently to that great political resting place, somewhere on the Cardigan Bay coast. And his likely successor, Carwyn Jones shows all the dynamism of a three-toed sloth after a good lunch. And badly handled publication of AMs salary increases and allowances have brought public opprobrium down upon the heads of the National Assembly in a way which makes it a real effort for anyone to link the word Yes with anything to do with politics.

So David Davies' No campaign can take a break. There's nothing else for it but to make the Legislative Competence Order system work. I'm in need of another day in the Assembly, talking through how its working out. My eyes may be set on a seat in the Palace of Westminster after the next General Election, but I have said that one of the main reasons I want to be a Member of Parliament is to do what I can to make this ridiculous system work. Looks like there's going to be plenty to do.


Hen Ferchetan said...

I don't get the iea that there has to be a big poll lead before we start campaigning for a Yes vote - isn't the whole point of a referendum campaign convincing people to make such a big lead?

P-Man said...

Maybe the bottom line is the controlling factor. Meaning, newspapers have to sell to pay the bills to meet the expectation of owners to satisfy latent demand for what people want to read. It's all about money - all about meeting demand for what people want to read and making money for the newspaper owners.

There was a situation in Florida a few years back. A kid was smuggled into FL from Cuba, the mother died on route. She had taken the boy against the wishes of the boy's father, who was still in Cuba and had no intention of leaving Cuba.

President Clinton got caught up in the fight - local Cubans wanted the boy to stay, but his father wanted him back. Eventually the boy was given back to his father who travelled to Florida to take him back home to Cuba.

One newspaper was rabid about wanting the boy released to his father. Another newspaper was rabid about keeping the boy in FL and letting his mother's relatives, who lived in FL, to keep the boy.

It got ugly and then very ugly. There were street protests and scenes where people yelled in each other’s faces.

There was one FL paper that took the side of the mother's relatives, and another newspaper that took sides with the Father back in Cuba. Turned out that both papers shared the same owner!

Anonymous said...

Who is Brynle Williams?

Glyn Davies said...

Hen F - You can start campaigning for a 'Yes' vote as soon as you like. The problem is that the nobody has been. Its been left to wither on the vine. I've probably campaigned more on this blog than has the Assembly Coalition Governemnt - which is supposed to be committed to it - and I've taken a lot of stick for that from fellow Tories too. Its been frustrating watching those wimps phaffing about with their silly little procrastination Commission, which is wasting a million of taxpayer's money just to cover Iuean Wyn Jones backside. Its bl**** pathetic. Fire your arrows at them.

P-man - There's no fault on newspapers. Its pathetic politicians who are usually to blame.

Anon - Brynle is one of the greatest Welshmen ever. He single-handedly brought the Blair Government to its knees - but I shouldn't think he's much of a dancer. Google him along with 'Fuel strike'.

rog said...

Campaigning has already started Cymru Gyntaf/Wales first, has got almost 1800 names on thier facebook website in support of a yes vote. A good start don't you think

Glyn Davies said...

rog - I knew about that, and its good. But I was referring to the politicians who are in Government, and should be offering leadership.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Its bl**** pathetic. Fire your arrows at them

Don't worry, I have and will continue to do. Couldn't agree more with it being pathetic! But for the majority of people in Wales, they'll only focus on the referendum and the arguments for and against it when the refrendum is actually called. Until then it's only us junkies who bother ourselves with it.

Anonymous said...

So you think Wales First is good, do you? What sort of Tory are you? Why don't you step down as a candidate? Your views are disgraceful.

Glyn Davies said...

Hen Ferchytan - The problem is that a defeat would carry with it a very high price. Too big a risk for Dafydd El anyway and Peter Hain - and me.

anon - what's this Wales First thing? I thought that was a bus company