Sunday, December 21, 2008

Segway support.

At least Brecon and Radnorshire Lib Dem MP, Roger Williams looks after his fellow Welsh MPs. Well, one of them anyway. According to Spin Doctor in today's Wales on Sunday he's ridden to the rescue of Ceredigion MP, Mark Williams, who has recently been described as one of the most anonymous MPs in Parliament by a national newspaper. The cause of Roger's gallantry was an attack on Mark's Plaid Cymru Parliamentary opponent, Penri James, with whom I took dinner some weeks ago at Aberystwyth. He seemed a reasonable enough fellow to me. Anyway, Penri is supposed to have accused Mark of doing nothing to resist local Post Office closures except issue "the usual 'horrified, annoyed, angry, dismayed' type of press release". Doesn't seem that bad to me, in the cut and thrust of political fray. But Roger has written, demanding a full public apology. To be fair, Roger knows that Mark did more than that. At least he stayed at Westminster for the vote to suspend the closure programme earlier in the year, while Roger and his Montgomeryshire colleague just b*****ed off back to Wales without even arranging a 'pair'.

Spin Doctor also informs us of another opportunity for Roger to offer support to a Welsh colleague - who has tabled two Early Day Motions concerning the Segway personal transporter. It's reported that not a single MP has signed up to either of them. Where are you Roger in his hour of need.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth should the aforesaid Welsh colleague need to go to the trouble of instituting Early Day Motions about this particular vehicle when he appears to use it regularly on Public Roads in flagrant disregard for the Law?

He does this with your clearly implicit support as he appears to benefit from your turning of a 'blind eye' when you preferred to withold the information, that you hold, of this Law breaking from the Police.

At least, if you are elected to Westminster your constituents can rest easy in the full knowledge that you will fit in well with your Parliamentary colleagues in the turning of blind eyes to Law breaking on a regular basis. Particularly when it is Politically expedient.

I just wonder how far you are willing to take this turning of the blind eye in furtherence of your political aspirations.

I suppose that we'll just have to wait and see.

P-Man said...

I recall seeing a U.S. Postal worker using a Segway on her round, it was a Segway specially adapted for use by the U.S. Post Office. These are magnificent machines - so well designed. Part patrolmen/women use them too. Great way to get around. In the USA Covered by US Patent No. 5,971,091.

Wales could have come up with the Segway, but would Wales have patented it? A Welsh invention not patented can be copied and distributed by any Tom, Dick, Harry, foreign competitor.

The assignee of the Segeway (DEKA Products Limited Partnership) is, I understand, a very successful and profitable enterprise. Not surprising given that it patent protects its inventions! See, e.g.:

Glyn Davies said...

anon - The local newspaper photograph following the Santa Run was of the Segway rider in discussion with the police. He looked to be angling for an arrest. Sometimes publicists try hard to be arrested by the police to draw attention to themselves. Perhaps you think I should have tried a 'Citizen's Arrest'.

P-man - So happens that I hink the Segway looks to be a good idea. Its a pity that its become a bit of a joke - at least in Montgomeryshire it has.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I agree with you Glyn, it is a good idea, one that has been around for some years now.

US police use it.
See, e.g.,

There are even Segway Tours in Washington, DC:

The Segway is a far more sophisticated transport device than the Sinclair C5.

mr midwales said...

and there's Glyn thinking he was the only one in Wales up against a useless Lib dem MP..

Now poor old Lembit has got competition from Mark Williams in Ceredigion. Don't worry Lembit, useless as Mark is, I don't think he's going to get a column in the star too - he's too invisible in Westminster for anyone to want to give him a column!

frankie said...

The Segway has been damned by association with that prat Lemsip. I'm afraid anything he does, and I mean anything, one immediately thinks he's doing it simply to draw attention to himself, and consequently is not taken seriously by anyone. Looks like we're stuck with him probably until 2010 as it seems highly unlikely we will have a general election this coming year after all.

Anonymous said...

It had never struck me before now justt what a magnificent 'trinity' of Lib Dems you have there in Mid Wales. Thankfully, snippets like this one in the Wales on Sunday show their talents off to the full.

It looks very much like Montgomeryshire is in need of a 'Stop the Conservative' candidate. Or Glyn will be thrust helplessly into to the centre of a whole herd of Tories in Westminster. Only then will Glyn realise, that he's not like them at all.

Glyn Davies said...

Mr Midwales - Its the Daily Sport, not the Star. Big difference.

Frankie - Personally I think there will be a General Election in 09. I used to think May/June, but it could be Oct/Nov

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Hey Glyn, see how fast things move in Internet-Land ... your post has found its way onto a Segway forum!

PS If anyone on the Segway forum needs a United States Patent Attorney (one that is located near the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), my details are found below (subject to Glyn approving this post):

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Anonymous said...

Roll on the election and let's all do our best to get rid of this terrible trio of Lib Dums in Mid Wales, especially Lembit O'Prick