Thursday, December 25, 2008

Planning for 2009

Twixt Christmas Day and New Year's Day is the time to make plans for the approaching year. This does not include 'family' issues, where planning isn't calender-confined. It would be very nice if one of them favoured us with another grandchild though - but out of my control. I'm thinking more 'politics', the farm and 'gardening'. This year the big 'politics' plan is already in place. I've not wavered from my expectation that a General Election will be held in June. And I'm set on a course to retire from active farming next year. So the planning over the next few days will be confined to how the garden might grow in 2009. I spent an hour or so today on pre-planning. While out there, I was struck by the colour of the witch hazels. There are lots of varieties, but my favourite is the lemon yellow 'Pallida' - probably the most commonly grown Hammamelis of all. We've a few dotted about. I've include a photo - and another of the orange witch hazel that we also grow a few of. On a gloomy Christmas Day its the 'Pallida' that stands out.



Anonymous said...

Any further thoughts on that Gingko hedge?

siobhan from llanfyllin said...

Well you certainly have your job cut out in 2009, Glyn, if you to beat your Lib Dem opponent - good planning is going to be of the essence.

I have been looking at the results in 2005 in Montgomeryshire, and your task looks pretty formidable.

For what's its worth, my reading of the situation, is this:

UPSIDE: Your main opponent is widely regarded as a bit of a self-serving clown. My snout even tells me he was suffering from a bit of an 'identity' crisis towards the latter part of 2008 - he was even considering a dalliance with another party apparently, after he got drubbed for the Presidency of his own party.

DOWNSIDE: He polled 51.2% at the last General Election and I have to say Glyn when the next GE comes, your chances of overturning that majoirty, are pretty remote. So, depsite your eternal optimism, you have a huge uphill struggle on your hands I am afraid. In short, you are not going overturn it I am afraid, as your party will not deliver a large enough swing to create any great upset in Monty. Sad, but true. If it was was by-election you might stand a chance but in a General Election there will be no great surprises - there never is.

I am sure you will put up a good fight though and I for one am looking forward to seeing you reduce the Lib Dem majority here!

Go for it Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - No reason why not - but the gingko is quite slow growing, and I would expect it to work out rather expensive. I cannot see what advantage it would have compared with beech, which has the added plus of retaining its leaves through the winter.

Sioban - I agree about the size of the challenge. When I asked the Montgomeryshire Conservatives to select me as their candidate, I said that I wanted to help build a strong Conservative Party in Montgomeryshire - and we've gone a long way to achieving that. I also siad that I thought we could win if everything works out well for us. Whenever anyone asks me I respond by saying that I think we're 'in with a shout'. I'm a lot more confident about my chances today than I was when I was selected as our candidate 18 months ago - so you never know.