Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Run

Second post tonight. This morning I competed in the Newtown Santa Run. This has returned to being more of a 'local' fun event, with between 400-500 Santas running - as opposed to the highly professional event it became a few years ago when it broke the world record, with several thousand Santas running. Its become a bit of a family event for us and there were seven of the Davies clan home from all corners and out today for the 4 mile plus course. No 3 son, Tim has obviously been in secret training, and romped home in just 25 minutes, which matches my best time of a few years ago. I pushed little Ffion around again this year. She was the youngest ever entrant when I did the same thing last year, she being just 8 weeks old at the time. We weren't looking for any media coverage, but my local weekly's photographer was there at the finish, and Fi and I posed with the Mayor and Deputy. So could be a pic in the County Times. Eb and Karen, Fi's parents would really like that - and I wouldn't mind.

Speaking of looking for media coverage, Lembit Opik did the Santa Run on has Segway. I didn't actually notice the huge neon-lit sign on his forehead shouting "I want to be noticed". I'm told that when he motored down the home straight, the crowds on both side didn't clap or cheer at all. I don't think I can repeat what I heard some fellow runners say about this - but I will say that I'm pleased Ffion's vocabulary is still very limited.

A good word for local Assembly Member, Mick Bates though. He's always been a great supporter of the Santa Run, and he ran today - not many months after having a new hip. He had to take it easy, so we'd gone home before he made the finish. I'd like to have cheered him home, so this blog offers him warm congratulations tonight.


Sarah said...

Who else did the Santa Run? I sincerely hope all the Newtown Councillors took part.

You would of had, Frank, Peter, Richard, Bob Mills and Russell.

What was your time?

Peter Black said...

Impressive, Mick missed the last week of the Assembly with a bad back.

Anonymous said...

Is there no end to saddo Opik's attention seeking?
The fact no one clapped or cheered speaks volumes. People really have had enough of his idiocies.
He now cuts a pathetic figure wherever he goes. A lot of chickens are coming home to roost, and not before time.
I will never vote Liberal as long as he's the canditate for Montgomeryshire. I know so many people who are saying the same.
This national embarrassment HAS to go......

Anonymous said...

Presumably, this event took place on the Public Highway.

So, presumably, the Road Transport Act does not apply to Opik and his 'vehicle'.

Also, presumably, you will be making your statement of facts to the local Plod and will ensure that his flagrant disregard for the Act is punished to the full extent of the Law.

Or on the other hand, presumably, you'll just turn a blind eye.

Glyn Davies said...

Sarah - I don't think any councillors took part, though Richard White was an observer. I don't think he ran the course.

Peter - even when I'm trying to be nice, you spoil it!

anon - I'll think I'll turn a blind eye - as did most other people.

JPT said...

A few years ago after the Santa Run, later in the evening I witnessed drunken Santa's fighting in the street!
I hope things have calmed down a bit now!

Sarah said...

Maybe next year they can all take part and if there has been a general election by then you'll be leading them as MP.

Should I suggest they all do it or do you want to take that on?

Sounds like fun anway.

I think I'll make a point of coming to Newtown to watch next year!

Glyn Davies said...

JPT - You're the first person I know who actually saw the fight. The police tell me that it was a serious incident - but it did cause much mirth around the world (and not to Newtown's benefit). The fight took place in whta was the nearest to my 'local' in Newtown at the time, The Sportsman. The amusement factor was increased by the fact that P C Gary Sleighmaker was the police spokesman on the incident.

Sarah - Come to Newtown next year - and run, not watch.