Monday, January 07, 2008

A Very Good Man Gone.

We had just sung the hymn 'O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder'. That's the one I think of as 'How great thou art' - my second favourite funeral hymn, after only 'The old rugged cross'. I was secreted away in the back row with my mother-in-law. No-one would have known we were there. And then the Minister started quoting from my blog. I couldn't believe it. She said that she had been reading this Internet website written by someone named Glyn Davies who lived in the area, and wanted to share it with the congregation. The blog gets everywhere!

We were at a Service of Thanksgiving for Sydney Pritchard, CBE, who died just before Xmas and whose mortal remains were cremated this morning. I had visited him to deliver my Xmas card on the day that he had died in Welshpool Hospital, aged 94 years. I'd known Sydney for most of my life and published a short post on my blog about him. In the blog post, I'd described him as the best public representative that I've ever known. There were some outstandingly good tributes to him at the Service of Remembrance today. I felt rather proud that this blog sneaked its way in amongst them.

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Anonymous said...

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Remember when inserting the URL into the link, you can copy and paste it by right clicking on the URL and selecting (left clicking) "copy" and then inserting by right clicking on the place where you want to paste and selecting "paste"

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Good on ya Glyn. I was at a funeral for a well beloved Patent Attorney a few weeks ago, he was a former boss. I learnt a lot from him and it was quite an eye opener to hear others at his wake talk about the things he did - he was in the Coast Guard reserves, put his life and soul into the Coast Guard and teaching boating skills to new hands. I still remember writing a patent for a new kind of life-jacket and him looking over the draft and me worried because I knew he knew a lot about such things, and he smiled and said something like, "Good piece of work". Now I thought he was referring to my draft, but now since the funeral I am wondering if he was talking about the subject matter in the draft. It's a funny old world.