Thursday, January 03, 2008

My New Year Wish List

I've just sent my New Year Wish List to my local newspaper, the Montgomeryshire County Times. When Dominic rang me yesterday, my first instinct was to be frivolous - but I remembered the last time. I wrote a light hearted piece - and my office started receiving letters from readers comparing me unfavourably with all the other contributors. Once bitten....... Anyway this is what I sent.

"At a personal level, my dominating wish is that good health and happiness will be enjoyed throughout 2008 by all those that I hold dear.

At the local level, I hope that Montgomeryshire and its public services start to receive a fair deal from the National Assembly, that we don't cover too much of our beautiful countryside in wind turbines, and that our sheep farmers start making a profit again.

At a Welsh level, I hope that the National Assembly performs in a way which wins greater respect from the people of Wales, and that the Welsh Language continues along the path of recovery.

And at the international level, I hope that the peoples of Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq and other of the world's trouble spots do not fall into civil wars, destroying democracy and seeing millions of innocent people die."

Nothing frivolous about that - and its also exactly what I do think. Now I'm off down to Leighton Hall Farm to record a piece for Wedi Saith. The last time I was interviewed by Heledd Cynwal, I made a joke about sweaty armpits in the hot studio. Well its about - 3 at the moment and the interview is outside. There will be no sweaty armpits today.


Anonymous said...

I predict Glyn Davies will become even more popular in Montgomeyshire as Lembit Grope-it becomes even more of a joke. This is the year for laying the foundations of your election victory in 09. Go for it Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - very kind and I'll do my best.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I think you will do OK in 2008/2009 regardless of what strings your opposition pulls.